【Product introduction】 ALOx Film

With the development of society and the improvement of consumption level, people also pursue the quality of life. Among them, the food packaging market is in full bloom and the competition is fierce. The excellent food enterprises, while meeting the consumer's purchase needs, are constantly bringing forth the new through the old in packaging to create the brand image. They not only require high quality and nice appearance but also pay more attention to environmental protection performance. In addition, the demand for packaging in the drug and cosmetics industry is becoming more and more refined.


According to the market demand and the purpose of serving the market, Weifu has added ALOx PET Metallised product series on the basis of mature BOPP/CPP/Metallised/Coating and other product series, providing customers with more choices and services.


Comparison between PET Metallised Film and ALOx PET


I、Product Introduction

ALOx PET film is a kind of polyester film with high temperature resistance, high stiffness, good heat stability and stable chemical properties. As early as in the European and American markets, it has been widely used in food, drug and other industries. The Chinese market has gradually introduced ALOx film packaging mode since 2017. Compared with the traditional metallised/coating packaging mode, the ALOx PET film produced by Weifu has the following features:

1、 Excellent barrier performance: it can significantly improve the fresh and fragrance keeping performance of food, and extend the shelf life of food;

2、 The coating is stable and environmental friendly: the ALOx coating is more stable and environmentally friendly (compared with PVDC coating), and the barrier performance will not decrease with the increase of humidity (compared with EVOH process);

3、 High transparency visibility: light transmission rate ≥ 87%, no yellow edge;

4、 Good printing and lamination processing performance, can be boiled in water and retorted in high temperature;

5、  Microwave heating and metal detection;

6、 Meet the requirements of the new national standard, FDA, EU, REACH, RoHS, etc.


II、Product Category

In order to meet the needs of customers for different products, Weifu specially launched the following five varieties of ALOx PET Film:


III、Application Field

Transparent ALOx Film is one of the best barrier transparent packaging materials at present. It can replace K (PVDC) film, BOPA, EVOH and co-extrusion film to a certain extent, and is widely used in food, drug, pasteurized food, aseptic packaging, cosmetics, electronic products and other packaging.

In the market, ALOx PET products can be seen everywhere: such needle mushroom, dried tofu, dried bamboo shoots, chicken feet, cooked meat, hot pot flavoring, dried beef, ham, dried fish, nuts, health whole grains, pet dog food, potato chips, corn cobs, facial mask bags, fruit juice, spicy sticks, bread, cake, moon cakes and other packaging.

At present, the common lamination structures of customers are:





IV、Weifu Advantages

1、Weifu is equipped with the world's top imported high barrier transparent ALOx manufacturing equipment and adopts the most advanced production process, so that the product has the features of high barrier performance, strong coating adhesion and good stability of other physical indicators;

2、Weifu has cooperated with the world's famous coater and coating manufacturer to develop special coater and series of special coatings to meet customers' personalized needs for barrier and functionality of ALOx;

3、The 11 international testing standard processes of Weifu and 12 precision professional testing equipments to ensure the excellence of product quality;

4、Fast and safe logistics distribution and professional after-sales service by specially assigned personnel can realize the promise of Weifu and make customers more convenient.