New Year's Greetings | Consolidating the foundation and cultivating the spirit, sharp change and renovation; With big wish and fearless of wind and rain

At the opening of this year, wish you good luck!

Mountains and rivers are graceful, and the stars are gentle

Change of time sequence, moving forward for dreams


2020 is a extraordinary year! Share the same breath and destiny!

COVID-19's teeth and claws spread all over the world, and human beings are insignificant in the face of disasters

We are brave in the face of disaster


Everyone is a superhero, guarding our beautiful homeland together

All staffs of Weifu Group, under the leadership of the Party and the government

strictly prevent and control, make concerted efforts and resume production in a scientific, orderly and safe way

Stand in awe of nature, be grateful for nature and take from nature,

we should pay back to nature. Green and environmental protection is our constant philosophy

It is bound to develop in harmony with nature

In 2021, advance at 40! Things are changing, the stars are moving and years are like a song

In 1981, Weifu started in a small workshop in Puning

Under the guidance of the Party's reform and opening up of the market economy

Under the painstaking research of the founders

Weifu has grown from a production line in a shed to 12 business subsidiaries

With an annual output of more than 170 thousand tons and an output value of more than 3 billion RMB

More than 20 countries and regions have been producing and selling products for 40 years, which is like a flash of the fingers

Entrepreneurial stories make the years touched and sonorous pictures are planning for the future

The scene that Weifu members worked from morning till dusk

It is these unusual years, the joys and sorrows in heart

Create the 40 years old’s Weifu!


At the age of 40, we should not be confused or forget our original intention. What changes are innovation and technology

What remains unchanged is the protection of "craftsmanship", true and honesty and precision work

Discard the old ways of life in favour of the new, keep pace with the times


Salute the past

The passionate 40