New Year's greetings | Plan for change according to the situation and move steadily to the future; Stick to the original intention and forge ahead

Happy new year!

Time stops for no one, and the seasons keep changing

At the beginning of the new year, everything completely takes on a new look

Time flies

Transformation and upgrading in 2021

Internally "strengthen the body" and practice internal skills hardly

Establish a standardized, scientific and modern management system

Improve the system of talent selection, employment, education and retention

Take Huaducheng Group as the core

Establish a group enterprise operation and control system

Weifu has upgraded from the original extensive development to the modern refined management and control

To lay a foundation for Weifu to meet more severe market challenges in the future

Externally "keep abreast of both inside and outside"and with well-balanced relaxation

Professional focus on customer customized products/service needs

Consolidate core competitiveness with R&D technology advantages

Win the trust and support of more high-quality customers

The new Dingfu CPP/CPE two lines were upgraded to put into production

Further release of efficiency and capacity

Further expansion of market scale

Strive for Progress in Stability in 2022

The international and domestic environment is changing rapidly

Uncertainty still exists

Weifu is still firm in the pace of reform and upgrading

Keep pace with the times

With the mission of "meeting the individual needs of customers and improving the happiness index of all staffs"

Adhere to the values of "integrity and responsibility, openness and win-win"

To build Weifu brand and a century-old enterprise

Become an excellent enterprise with pride of employees, trust of customers and sense of social responsibility

Keep fighting……

Looking back on the past, full of ambition

More than 40 years of glorious years compose the magnificent chapter of Weifu

Today's Weifu

Stand in awe of the market and be prepared for danger in times of peace

The new generation of Weifu people

Shoulder the historical mission of connecting the past and opening up a new era

Looking forward to the future, full of pride

New and old members continue to create resplendence of Weifu

On this Spring Festival

We wish all Weifu people, their families, partners and people from all walks of life:

Good luck in the Year of the Tiger! Tiger thrives! Happy family! Everything goes well!