Weifu Collaborates with Dow and Won the Applause in 2023 Carbon-cycle Future Conference

On August 2nd, the "Circular-Carbon Future·2023 Packaging Innovation Workshop" event was successfully held at the Marriott Hotel in Shantou, Guangdong Province. The event was jointly organized by Weifu Films and Dow Chemical in collaboration with Nancheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

The event focused on cutting-edge packaging solutions that can take the eco-friendly economy into consideration, enlightening participants with innovative technologies and products to accelerate industry transformation and embrace a sustainable future. It also advocated for sincere collaboration not only between Weifu and Dow, but also among related converting industry players to promote the development of mono-material packaging and tap the potential of the circular economy.

Panel Discussion : Weifu’s Concentration on Innovative BOPE Packaging 

For decades, Weifu's packaging solutions have been applied in various industries, from consumables to electronics, winning appreciation and applause from clients at home and abroad. In terms of innovation, packaging film composition has been Weifu's concentration, providing more adaptable packaging solutions for its clients all over the world.

Among all, the emergence of the BOPE film is exciting. Mr. Qiu, research and development director the R&D Director of Weifu, highlighted the features and applications of Weifu’s full BOPE series. Currently, BOPE (Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene) has been successfully applied in various mono-material packaging, including stand-up pouch for liquid packaging, BOPE25um/VMPE100um snack packaging, full PE pillow bags for powder packaging, high-barrier recyclable pouches, and more.

Roundtable Forum About Polyethylene Mono-Material Packaging

Technological development and innovation can also do good for the environment without sacrificing economy and industry development. Liang Yanyang, the Head of Weifu’s R&D center, illustrated the story of how Weifu started BOPE trial production years ago on its old BOPP line and contributed to Bruckner’s first BOPE/BOPP hybrid line design and commission in Weifu’s new site. Today Weifu is proud to say as one of the industry leaders on full PE (BOPE and CPE) category production. 

Different industries have their own requirements on the packaging; some ask for film that can minimize shrinkage rate and some ask for packaging that can protrude their products. The requirements can be dazzling.

To tailor to the changing requirements, Weifu has rolled out BOPE transparent label base film with excellent optical properties, BOPE high-temperature resistant plain film of excellent temperature resistance, BOPE high barrier film that is tougher and comes with better barrier properties, and BOPE matt film with high strength PE matt structure.

Compared to traditional PE film, BOPE film features:

1.Low Temperature Impact Resistant

BOPE film maintains its mechanical performance at low temperatures. It is suitable for cold chain applications and frozen goods packaging, where conventional films might become brittle and prone to failure.

2.High Tensile Strength

BOPE film exhibits superior mechanical properties, with tensile strength exceeding traditional LDPE films, which enables thinner gauges and eventually results in material savings and reduced packaging costs.


Through a biaxially stretching process, the film surface is enhanced for improved flatness, resulting in enhanced printing accuracy. Compared to traditional PE, the biaxially stretched film boasts a haze reduction of over 60% and a gloss increase of more than 20%, providing the packaged product with a more vibrant and appealing appearance.

4.Environmentally Friendly

By allowing for the substitution of PA or PET, BOPE  makes full PE laminated  structures available. With that mono-material packaging solution, the plastic recycling approaches become accessible and thus enhancing recyclability and supports sustainability efforts. 

5.Food Contact Safety

Weifu's BOPE film is certified safe in food contact and can be used in food, pharmaceutical, and dry food packaging.

Weifu BOPE Production Site Tour: Witnessing how PE resin transforms into BOPE film

After the workshop event finished, participants were invited to visit Weifu’s new factory, where its very first five-layer BOPE/BOPP hybrid line located. In the afternoon, they came to join the seminar on high barrier BOPE.

The plastic film industry always keeps its eyes on the upgradability of barrier properties of the recyclable mono-material packaging, as Professor Liu whom of Weifu’s Hi-barrier Department indicated. He introduced the barrier properties and applications of the various kinds of plastic film, and illustrated Weifu’s case of high barrier BOPE packaging for sauce and chili paste. can keep out oxygen and steam, protecting the inner products. Besides, they do no harm to the environment and can streamline the packaging quantity, helping businesses to save costs.

The converting industry participants also shared their problems confronted in the process of coating, printing, and laminating, while still extending their expectations and excitement about the development of the full-PE packaging solutions in the near future.

To keep updated about the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions, you can visit the Weifu website.