Provide customers with professional customized flexible packaging solutions.

Weifu is dedicated to providing customers with professional and satisfactory flexible packaging films. The films for packaging various materials and specifications could be customized for clients to meet their specific application demands. Weifu packaging films have been exported widely to many regions and countries and applied in different fields in life, such as electronic and electrical product packaging, cosmetics packaging, food or vegetable packaging, etc. Besides, we can guarantee our high-quality packaging films that have been certified and achieved many patents.

BOPE films have many advantages, including high tensile strength, excellent printability, resistance to low-temperature impact and puncture, low haze, increased transparency, and bi-axial easy-tearing property, providing mono-material and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Different kinds of BOPE films are suitable for various packagings, such as food packing, laundry detergent, seafood bags, electronic, digital products and precision instruments, etc.