Business Territory

Weifu Film, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging films, extends its business territory globally, providing customers with professional flexible packaging solutions.

Map of the world
  • Asia


    China, Taiwan(China), HongKong(China), Singapore, Japan, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan

  • Europe


    UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Spain

  • The Americas

    The Americas

    USA ,Colombia,Mexico,Brazil Peru

  • Africa


    Egypt, Nigeria

  • Oceania


    Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

  • The Middle East

    The Middle East


Common Questions

We have 6 categories of products, BOPP film, CPP film, CPE film, BOPE film, Metallised film and woven sacks.

Different companies have different specifications. The thickness is between 10-110μm; The width is between 90mm and 3m.

Different products have different delivery time. The delivery time of general products is about one week, and the delivery time of special customized products is about two weeks; The MOQ of general products is 20 tons, and the MOQ of special customized products is 5 tons.

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