Polymer Matt Film

With the change of people's aesthetic concept, the requirements for packaging products are constantly updated, and the surface feature of packaging materials are required to be diversified, so as to reflect the product packaging from aesthetics, on-shelf effect, advertising and other aspects and show the special effect of manufacturers to stimulate consumers' sense of vision. So the Matt film was developed under this requirement.

According to the different surface gloss of the products, the products are divided into plain, sub-gloss and Matt products: those with gloss greater than 70% are referred to as plain products, those with gloss less than 15% are referred to as Matt products, and the rest are collectively referred to as sub-gloss products [1].

The Matt film is a kind of packaging film with low gloss, high haze and diffuse reflection Matt effect. The film surface has a very low gloss similar to the paper surface. The surface reflection light is weak and soft, and the surface gloss is less than 15%, while the haze is generally more than 70%, it has many advantages such as comfortable hand feel, quiet and elegant appearance, and vivid color during printing. It is called paper-like packaging film or natural-light Plain film.