An US Packaging Solutions Provider Has Launched PCR Retort Pouches

A packaging solutions provider based in the United States, has launched PCR Retort pouches as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional retort options. These pouches contain up to 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, reducing the usage of virgin plastics. Specifically designed for shelf-stable ready-to-eat proteins, they provide ultra-high barrier and high-heat resistance without compromising food safety during retort and distribution processes.

With superior filling line efficiencies, mechanical performance, and extended food shelf life, these retort pouches offer a sustainable packaging solution with excellent tear performance and flex cracking resistance.

The company’s proprietary techniques enable the packaging to maintain functionality and durability, without compromising food safety during the retort and distribution processes. They also offer striking graphics to improve shelf presence.

Retort pouch packaging is becoming increasingly common as consumers demand ready-to-eat or partially cooked convenience food packaging grows.

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