Flexible Packaging Market: Growth Predicted Amidst Practicality and Affordability Demands

The global flexible packaging market is set to reach $315.5 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing demand in the food and beverage industry. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of flexible packaging, such as pouches and wraps, have made them popular choices for busy consumers. Industry leaders are actively investing in mergers, acquisitions, and product development to meet these demands. However, challenges persist, including high raw material costs, particularly for plastics, paper, and metal, as well as the lack of efficient recycling infrastructure for multi-layer flexible packaging products. These constraints impact the competitiveness of companies in the industry and hinder efforts towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Business Response

Urbanization drives people to choose convenient pre-made meals in flexible packaging, and drives food companies to adopt flexible packaging. The high cost of raw materials for flexible packaging and incomplete recycling infrastructure will affect the competitiveness of enterprises. The rising demand for sustainable packaging has brought a new opportunity, especially for flexible packaging brands in Asia, which are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and providing sustainable and innovative packaging solutions.

Packaging Redefined

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