Luxembourg Introduces High-Barrier BOPE Films for Fully Recyclable Mono-PE Packaging

Luxembourg-based BOPE films researchers have unveiled its new high-barrier BOPE films for the flexible packaging market. These films can be used as PE printing films in recyclable mono-PE structures, serving as substitutes for conventional polyester or nylon printing films. The range includes various options such as high gloss, matte, sealable, and two-sided printable films to cater to different print designs. These mono-PE structures can be used in a wide range of pack formats and applications across both food and non-food markets. 

The new generation of films includes a transparent, high-barrier BOPE printing film coated with EVOH, providing excellent gas and aroma barrier. It can be laminated with PE sealing films to create recyclable, two-ply mono-PE laminates. Additionally, researcher offers a metalized, high-barrier BOPE lamination film that can be used as a mid-layer in three-ply mono-PE laminates, offering high barrier against gas and aroma transmission. This film serves as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional metalized PET or aluminum films, resulting in fully recyclable mono-PE laminates. With their ability to preserve product quality, aroma, and taste while ensuring a long shelf life, these films are ideal for packaging sensitive products like nuts, coffee, pet food, and dry food.

The Power of Excellent Barrier Property

At WEIFU Films, our BOPE High Barrier Film, TENP, stands as a technological marvel renowned for its superior barrier properties. This high-performance film serves as a guardian, preserving and protecting products from external elements and against aroma transmission, ensuring their freshness and quality remain intact. Whether it's extending the shelf life of food products or keeping your convenience stores smell clean,TENP excels in maintaining the integrity of your products.

Resilience in High Temperatures and Strength in Every Layer

However, TENP isn't just about its exceptional barrier properties; it's engineered to excel in challenging environments. With high-temperature resistance and exceptional tensile strength, this film is designed to thrive even under the most demanding conditions. Its durability ensures that your products remain secure and undamaged during transportation and storage, making it the top choice for businesses with stringent packaging needs.

The Art of Coating Laminated Bonding Strength

At WEIFU Films, we take packaging to the next level by enhancing TENP with high barrier coating alone with strong bonding strength. This distinctive feature ensures that packaging structures remain reliable and secure, significantly reducing the risk of product damage during transit and storage. TENP's exceptional bonding strength sets it apart as a dependable choice for packaging solutions across various industries.

Elevating Packaging Standards with TENP

In conclusion, at WEIFU Films, we believe that innovation is the driving force in the world of packaging. TENP, our BOPE High Barrier Film, is a testament to that belief. With its unmatched barrier performance, resilience in challenging conditions, and the added advantage of high coating laminated bonding strength, TENP redefines packaging solutions. It's more than just a film; it's a guarantee of product integrity, freshness, and reliability.

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, TENP stands as a symbol of progress, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. When you choose TENP by WEIFU Films, you are choosing to elevate your packaging standards and secure the future of your products. Experience innovation and excellence with TENP, the ultimate BOPE High Barrier Film by WEIFU Films.