BOPP Label Film: The WEIFU Films Way

Embarking on a journey into the realm of BOPP Label Film, we, at WEIFU Films, are thrilled to present you with insights into this versatile and transformative product. With a legacy spanning more than four decades in the polymer film industry, our team has witnessed firsthand the power of innovation. Let's take a look at the remarkable qualities and uses of BOPP Label Film this Thanksgiving and see how WEIFU Films has been an inspiration to the industry.

Diverse Possibilities with BOPP Label Film

Customization Beyond Imagination: BOPP Label Film is a canvas for creativity, and our team knows how to unlock its full potential. Through precise coating techniques, we can transform this film into various finishes – from a crystal-clear appearance to a stylish milky white texture. Whether you seek a smooth, matte finish or a dazzling metallised effect, our expertise ensures your product stands out from the competition. Tailoring Stiffness and Softness: Flexibility is a hallmark of BOPP Label Film. By skillfully adjusting the film's stiffness and softness, we empower you to create packaging solutions that perfectly balance strength and comfort. Our team's in-depth knowledge in polymer films plays a vital role in achieving the desired tactile experience for your customers.

Elevating Printability with High Dyne Retention: Printing quality is a make-or-break factor in packaging. BOPP Label Film is designed to excel in this area. We've meticulously formulated this product to retain high dyne levels, ensuring that inks and adhesives adhere seamlessly to the film surface. This, in turn, enhances the overall printability and performance of your labels.

The Magic of Milky White Film: BOPP Label Film in a milky white hue offers high opacity, reducing the visibility of undesirable imperfections like fish eyes or surface profiles. The result is packaging that exudes professionalism and sophistication, contributing to an excellent first impression.

Certified for Food Contact: In an age of heightened awareness, the safety of packaging materials is paramount. Our BOPP Label Film is fully compliant with international food contact standards. You can confidently combine aesthetics with safety, knowing that your packaging is crafted with the highest quality and standards in mind.


The journey through BOPP Label Film is one that showcases our dedication to innovation and excellence. At WEIFU Films, we're committed to bringing you the best in polymer films, and our exploration of BOPP Label Film is just one example of our quest to enhance the packaging industry. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we look forward to sharing more insights and breakthroughs with you.