BOPP Label Film - WEIFU's Revolutionary Solution

WEIFU presents the groundbreaking BOPP label film as an innovative solution that unlocks the complete potential of packaging. This advanced film offers businesses a range of benefits, including versatility, customization options, and outstanding performance. With its outstanding high dyne retention, customizable features, and wide-ranging applications, WEIFU's BOPP label film enables businesses to design labels that captivate consumers, boost product competitiveness, and maximize economic efficiency.

Versatile Labels with Adaptable Transparency and Softness

WEIFU recognizes the importance of meeting diverse market demands for different types of labels. With our BOPP label film, businesses can enjoy the benefits of customizable transparency and softness, allowing them to adapt labels according to specific requirements. Moreover, by adjusting the flexibility and rigidity of the transparent film, businesses have the flexibility to achieve the desired level of stiffness or flexibility in  labels. This capability to provide personalized solutions ensures that businesses can effectively address various packaging needs and meet the unique demands of their customers.

Outstanding High Dyne Retention and Coating Capabilities

Achieving vibrant and long-lasting labels relies heavily on maintaining high dyne retention. WEIFU's BOPP label film surpasses expectations in this aspect by ensuring consistent ink adhesion and preserving vivid colors over an extended period. Moreover, the film offers the added advantage of being coatable, allowing businesses to further enhance label performance. Also, companies can explore a variety of coating options, including gloss, matte, or special effects coatings, to elevate durability, moisture resistance, and visual appeal. Thanks to WEIFU's BOPP label film's remarkable high dyne retention and coating capabilities, businesses can effortlessly create attention-grabbing labels that command shelf presence.

Diverse Applications and Economic Efficiency

WEIFU's BOPP label film finds extensive use across a wide range of industries.This adaptable film produces excellent results whether it is used to label cosmetic items, drinks, or in-mold products.The adaptability and compatibility make our film a preferred choice for various packaging applications. Beyond the versatility, WEIFU's BOPP label film also contributes to economic efficiency. By boosting production efficiency and competitiveness, businesses can save costs, improve profits, and enhance product competitiveness. 


WEIFU's BOPP label film revolutionizes the possibilities of packaging.  By tailoring the film to meet specific label demands, companies can stand out from the competition and effectively communicate their brand identity. Furthermore, the film's coating capabilities further enhance label performance and durability. With its contributions to economic efficiency, WEIFU's BOPP label film enables businesses to save costs, increase profits, and enhance product competitiveness. Don't hesitate to try out WEIFU's BOPP label film and see just how much easier we make your labeling needs!