Discover the Excellence of WEIFU Films' BOPP Matte Film

As part of the WEIFU Films team, we are excited to introduce you to one of our standout products, the BOPP Matte Film. With decades of industry experience and a commitment to innovation, we are proud to offer this exceptional packaging solution that combines quality, versatility, and compliance with international standards.

The WEIFU Films Advantage

A Legacy of Excellence: Since our establishment in 1981 and official founding in 2000, WEIFU Films has been a pioneer in the production and development of polymer films and packaging materials. Our 40+ years of experience have shaped us into a trusted name in the industry.

Global Reach: Our products, including the BOPP Matt Film, have made their mark in over 20 countries and regions, including Europe, Germany, Japan, South America, and Southeast Asia. We are committed to delivering quality on a global scale.

Certified Excellence: WEIFU Films proudly holds ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certifications. Additionally, our BOPP Line has achieved Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification and EcoVadis social responsibility rating certification. These certifications reflect our dedication to sustainability and high standards.

Exploring BOPP Matt Film

Even Matting Effect: Our BOPP Matt Film is celebrated for its even matting effect, providing a premium, quality feel that stands out in the packaging industry.

Excellent Printability: Achieve remarkable visibility with our film's excellent printability. Whether you're showcasing intricate designs or vibrant colors, your packaging will captivate consumers.

Food Contact Compliance: Safety is paramount in packaging, especially for food products. Rest assured, our BOPP Matt Film complies with international food contact standards, ensuring your packaging meets the highest hygiene and safety requirements.

Customization and Application

We offer various categories of BOPP Matt Films to cater to specific application demands. Whether you need one/both sides matt film, tearing matt film, transfer matt film, heat-resistant matt film, or degradation matt film, we can customize it to meet your unique requirements.

Our BOPP Matt Film finds applications in diverse industries, including food packaging and gift packaging. Elevate your product presentation with our matte finish, adding elegance and sophistication to your packaging.


At WEIFU Films, our commitment to excellence shines through in products like the BOPP Matt Film. With even matting effects, excellent printability, and adherence to food contact standards, our film elevates your packaging to the next level. Customize it according to your needs and join us in delivering packaging solutions that exceed expectations. Experience the difference with WEIFU Films' BOPP Matt Film - where quality, innovation, and global reach come together to redefine packaging standards.