Discover the Performance of WEIFU BOPP Label Film

When it comes to label films, our company, WEIFU, offers a wide range of high-performance products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. With our extensive catalogue of label films, you can find the perfect fit for your specific labeling requirements. Let's explore the exceptional performance and customization options of WEIFU BOPP Label Film.

Wide Product Range: Extensive Catalogue of Label Films

At WEIFU, we understand that each labeling project has unique demands. That's why we have developed a comprehensive product catalogue of label films. By browsing through our catalogue, you can find a variety of options to choose from. Whether you need transparent label film (TSG), conformable transparent film (QPT), or any other type, our range of label films is designed to meet your specific needs. Trust in our company to provide the most suitable label film for your applications.

Unrivaled Performance: Key Properties of BOPP Label Film

When it comes to performance, WEIFU BOPP Label Film stands out from the competition. Our film offers exceptional properties that ensure precise and vibrant printing results. With excellent high dyne retention, your labels will showcase sharp and clear prints that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Additionally, our film has coating capability, which enhances the overall print quality and durability of your labels. When you choose WEIFU, you can be confident that our label film will elevate the performance of your labeling solutions.

Milky White Film with High Opacity: Superior Clarity

For labels that demand superior clarity, WEIFU BOPP Label Film has the answer. Our milky white film provides high opacity, ensuring impactful labels that grab attention. You can expect minimal fish eyes or profile on the film surface, resulting in a pristine appearance for your labels. With our milky white film, you can create eye-catching labels that stand out in the market and distinguish your products from the competition. Trust WEIFU to deliver the utmost clarity for your labeling needs.

Customized Solutions: Tailored to Your Applications

We understand that every application has unique requirements. That's why WEIFU offers customized BOPP label film tailored to match your specific demands. We work closely with our customers to modify the film according to their application requirements. From adjustments in thickness to the incorporation of special features, we strive to achieve the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics in your labels. With WEIFU, you can expect personalized solutions that meet your exact specifications.


In conclusion, WEIFU BOPP Label Film offers outstanding performance and customization options for your labeling solutions. With our extensive catalogue of label films, unrivaled performance properties, milky white film with high opacity, and customized solutions tailored to your applications, WEIFU is your trusted partner in the labeling industry. Contact us today to discover how WEIFU BOPP Label Film can elevate the performance and visual appeal of your labels, providing a competitive edge in your market.