Discover the Revolutionary Advantages of WEIFU Films for Woven Sacks

Woven sacks are widely used for packaging and transportation in various industries, including chemical fertilizer. However, the complex lamination processes in producing these sacks often pose challenges such as decorating and delamination issues. WEIFU Films, a dependable provider of flexible packaging solutions, has taken a significant step forward in addressing these challenges. Through extensive research and development, WEIFU Films has introduced a groundbreaking coating-grade film designed for fertilizer bags. This innovative solution contributes to the advancement of flexible packaging processing technology and provides a reliable and effective packaging solution for the chemical fertilizer industry.

1. Addressing Lamination Challenges

Lamination plays a crucial role in the production of woven sacks, especially when maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the packaging. WEIFU Films recognized the need for a specialized solution to overcome common issues, including decorating and delamination, often between woven substrates of coloured film packaging bags and coloured printing films.

2. The New Coating-Grade Film

WEIFU Films dedicated extensive research and development efforts to create a new coating-grade film that specifically caters to the requirements of fertilizer bags. This film is a crucial component in lamination, providing essential support and stability. By utilizing this innovative coating-grade film, businesses can effectively avoid decorating and delamination issues that may arise during the manufacturing and use of woven sacks.

3. Effective Packaging

Solutions for the Chemical Fertilizer Industry By introducing our coating-grade film, WEIFU Films has successfully addressed the packaging challenges faced by the chemical fertilizer industry. The innovative film solution ensures a secure and reliable bond between woven substrates and coloured printing films. This seamless lamination process not only enhances the overall appearance and durability of the packaging but also contributes to the preservation and protection of the fertilizer products during transportation and storage.

4. Advancing Flexible Packaging Processing Technology

WEIFU Films' research and development efforts in creating the coating-grade film for fertilizer bags have provided an effective packaging solution and contributed to the advancement of flexible packaging processing technology. By introducing specialized films that cater to specific industry needs, WEIFU Films is driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in flexible packaging trends.


WEIFU Films' groundbreaking coating-grade film for fertilizer bags has revolutionized the woven sack industry. This innovative solution effectively addresses decorating and delamination issues and provides a reliable and efficient packaging solution for the chemical fertilizer industry. Through our commitment to advancing flexible packaging processing technology, WEIFU Films continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the packaging industry. We cordially encourage you to work with WEIFU Films right now so that you may take advantage of our cutting-edge technologies and help ensure a more effective and sustainable woven sack industry in the future.