Elevating Food Packaging Safety with CPP Retortable Film

Welcome to WEIFU Films, your trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our exceptional product, CPP Retortable Film, specifically designed for retort pouch packaging. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable advantages of our CPP film. Join us in exploring the advantages of our CPP Retortable Film and its role in preserving food quality and convenience in retort pouches. Trust WEIFU Films for innovative packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Food Contact Grade

Retort pouch packaging is becoming increasingly common as consumers demand ready-to-eat or partially cooked convenience food packaging grows. We prioritize food safety. Our CPP Retortable Film is certified as food contact grade, meeting stringent industry standards. It goes without saying that our retortable film complies with international food contact standards, perfect for processed food packaging. This certification ensures that our film is safe for direct contact with food, providing assurance to both manufacturers and consumers. Furthermore, its high transparency allows consumers to make informed choices. The softness and low odor characteristics enhance the overall consumer experience, while the low-temperature heat sealability ensures secure packaging.

High Transparency

Our CPP Retortable Film offers exceptional transparency, allowing for clear visibility of the packaged food. This feature is particularly crucial in retort pouch packaging, as it enables consumers to assess the product's quality, appearance, and freshness before purchase.

Softness with Low Odor

Our CPP film is known for its softness and low odor, enhancing the overall consumer experience. The soft texture of the film ensures easy handling and improved flexibility. Additionally, the low odor characteristics ensure that the packaging does not interfere with the aroma and taste of the food, maintaining its integrity.

Low-Temperature Heat Sealability

Our CPP Retortable Film exhibits excellent low-temperature heat sealability. This feature enables efficient and secure sealing of the retort pouches, ensuring the preservation of food quality during the retort process. The reliable seals prevent leakage and contamination, guaranteeing the freshness and safety of the packaged food.


WEIFU Films is your go-to partner for innovative packaging solutions, particularly in retort pouch packaging. Our CPP Retortable Film offers exceptional advantages, including food contact grade certification, high transparency, softness with low odor, and low-temperature heat sealability. Trust WEIFU Films to deliver packaging solutions that preserve the quality and convenience of your retort pouches. Contact us today to explore how our CPP Retortable Film can elevate your packaging strategies and meet your specific needs.