Elevating Packaging Performance with BOPE High Barrier Film (TENP)

At WEIFU Films, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of our key advancements is high barrier film technology, which offers significant advantages in packaging solutions. In this article, we will explore the numerous benefits of BOPE High Barrier Film (TENP), ensuring the preservation of product quality and providing versatility for various packaging needs.

Excellent Barrier Property: Protecting Product Freshness

At WEIFU Films, we understand the importance of preserving the freshness and quality of packaged products. Our BOPE High Barrier Film offers an excellent barrier property, preventing oxygen, moisture, and other external contaminants from affecting the contents. This barrier protection extends the shelf life of your products, ensuring that they reach consumers in optimal condition, while maintaining their taste, aroma, and nutritional value.

High Coating Laminated Bonding Strength: Ensuring Packaging Integrity

Packaging integrity is crucial in preventing leakage and maintaining product safety. Our BOPE film exhibits high coating laminated bonding strength, providing a strong and secure seal. This attribute ensures that your packaging remains intact, preventing any potential leaks or contamination. With our film, you can have confidence in the durability and reliability of your packaging, safeguarding your products throughout their journey.

Food Contact Grade: Prioritizing Safety and Compliance

At WEIFU Films, we prioritize the safety of consumers, particularly when it comes to food packaging. Our BOPE High Barrier Film is certified as food contact grade, meeting stringent regulatory standards. This certification ensures that the film is safe for direct contact with food, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers. Choose our film to package your food products with confidence and comply with industry regulations.

Application: Versatile Solution for Various Packaging Needs

Our BOPE High Barrier Film is a versatile solution suitable for both printed and laminated packaging applications. Whether you require vibrant and eye-catching printed packaging or laminated structures for enhanced protection, our film delivers exceptional performance. Additionally, its suitability for dried food packaging makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of food products, including snacks, cereals, and more.


WEIFU Films is dedicated to elevating packaging performance with our BOPE High Barrier Film (TENP). With its excellent barrier property, high coating laminated bonding strength, and food contact grade certification, our film ensures the preservation of product freshness, packaging integrity, and compliance with industry regulations. Trust us for innovative packaging solutions that prioritize safety, performance, and the success of your products. Choose WEIFU Films and experience the highest standards of quality and reliability in your packaging endeavors.