Enhance Mushroom Packaging with WEIFU's CPP Breathable Anti-fog Film

At WEIFU, our company takes pride in offering CPP Breathable Anti-fog Film that delivers unparalleled performance and product advantages for mushroom packaging. Our film exhibits exceptional properties, such as good flexibility and puncture resistance, ensuring that your mushrooms are well-protected during transportation and handling. Furthermore, both sides of the film possess high heat sealing strength, guaranteeing a secure and reliable seal that keeps your products intact. With our film's excellent cold anti-fog effect, you can maintain clarity and visibility, even when refrigerated, creating an appealing presentation for your customers.

Enhanced Preservation and Freshness

When it comes to preserving the freshness of your mushrooms, WEIFU's CPP Breathable Anti-fog Film excels. Our film possesses a remarkable breathable property, allowing controlled oxygen transmission within the packaging. This feature enhances the shelf life of your packaged mushrooms, ensuring that they stay fresh for an extended period. Additionally, the film's excellent OTR (oxygen transmission rate) enables a long refrigerated storage time, keeping your products at optimal quality. The high transparency of our film during refrigeration further enhances product visibility, attracting customers with its appealing appearance.

Versatile Applications for Mushroom Packaging

WEIFU's CPP films offer versatility beyond mushroom packaging. We provide a wide range of categories and types of CPP films, with a specific focus on our Breathable Anti-fog Film designed explicitly for mushroom packaging. However, our films are also suitable for packaging other perishable items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and refrigerated foods. With our CPP films, you can meet the high requirements of breathable preservation, ensuring that your products maintain their quality and freshness. Count on WEIFU's CPP Breathable Anti-fog Film to be the ideal choice for various mushroom packaging applications.


In conclusion, WEIFU's CPP Breathable Anti-fog Film brings a multitude of benefits to mushroom packaging. Our company stands out with unparalleled performance and product advantages, including flexibility, puncture resistance, and high heat sealing strength. The film's exceptional cold anti-fog effect maintains visibility even in refrigerated conditions. With its remarkable breathable property and excellent OTR, your mushrooms will stay fresh for an extended period. Trust our high-quality film to enhance the preservation and freshness of your products. Furthermore, our versatile CPP films cater not only to mushroom packaging but also to other perishable items, expanding their applications. Choose WEIFU for reliable packaging solutions that meet the needs of your customers and enhance your business.