Enhance Your Packaging Solutions with WEIFU's AlOx PET Films

When it comes to packaging solutions, WEIFU is your trusted partner. Our company specializes in providing high-quality AlOx PET films that elevate the performance of your packaging. With a focus on superior barriers, transparency, and printability, our films are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Unmatched Barriers for Superior Packaging Performance

Our AlOx PET films offer unparalleled barrier properties that ensure the protection and preservation of your products. The excellent barrier property of our films acts as a shield against external factors such as moisture, oxygen, and UV light, keeping your goods fresh and extending their shelf life. With WEIFU's AlOx PET films, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are well-protected throughout their journey.

In addition to exceptional barriers, our films also boast high transparency, allowing your customers to appreciate the quality and presentation of your products. The crystal-clear clarity of our films enhances the visual effect, making your packaging visually appealing and enticing to customers. Rest assured that our AlOx PET films will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your products, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Customizable AlOx PET Films for Diverse Applications

At WEIFU, we understand that every client has unique packaging requirements. That's why our AlOx PET films are customizable to cater to diverse applications. Whether you need AlOxPET, AlOxPET(EX), AlOxPET-THB, or other specific product categories, we have a wide range of options to meet your needs. Our films are suitable for various packaging requirements, ensuring compatibility with different industries, including food, medicine, cosmetics, and precision instruments.

Performance Properties That Make a Difference

The outstanding performance properties of WEIFU's AlOx PET films set them apart from the competition. Our films exhibit exceptional tensile strength, elongation at break, and thermal shrinkage values, ensuring durability and reliability in your packaging. Furthermore, they possess a low oxygen transmission rate and water vapor transmission rate, guaranteeing optimal moisture and oxygen barrier performance. With WEIFU's AlOx PET films, you can trust that your products are protected against external elements that could compromise their quality.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products. At WEIFU, we take pride in our exceptional services and the satisfaction of our customers. We prioritize open communication, understanding your needs, and offering tailored solutions that perfectly align with your requirements. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide assistance and support throughout your packaging journey.


In conclusion, when it comes to enhancing your packaging solutions, WEIFU's AlOx PET films are the ideal choice. With unmatched barriers, high transparency, and excellent performance properties, our films ensure superior protection and presentation for your products. Choose our company for reliable products and exceptional services that cater to your unique packaging needs. Contact us today to discover how WEIFU can revolutionize your packaging solutions with our AlOx PET films.