Enhancing Quality and Benefits of WEIFU Films's Flexible Packaging: CPP Retortable Film

At WEIFU Films, we specialize in producing and developing polymer films and packaging materials. With a standard quality management system and sustainable values, we are committed to providing customers with one-stop service of customized flexible packaging films. Besides, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality flexible bags for frozen food packaging. With our extensive industry experience and commitment to excellence, we have become a trusted partner for organizations in the food industry. Our range of flexible bag solutions is tailored to meet the unique packaging requirements of frozen food products. The benefits of flexible packaging are designed with several key features that provide exceptional value to our customers.

Food Contact

We prioritize food safety, and CPP Retortable Film is manufactured using materials that comply with stringent food contact regulations. This ensures that the frozen food products remain safe and uncontaminated throughout the packaging process.

High Transparency

Transparency is essential for showcasing the quality and appeal of frozen food products. WEIFU Films's CPP Retortable Film is known for their excellent clarity, allowing consumers to see the product inside and make informed purchasing decisions.

Soft and Low Odor

We understand that maintaining the sensory aspects of frozen food products is vital. Our flexible bags are made from materials that are soft to the touch and have low odor, ensuring that they do not impact the taste or aroma of the packaged food.

Low Temperature Heat Sealable

With the ability to withstand low-temperature heat sealing, WEIFU Films's CPP Retortable Film provides a secure and reliable seal, keeping the frozen food products intact and preventing any leakage or contamination.


Retort pouch packaging is becoming increasingly common as consumers demand ready-to-eat or partially cooked convenience food packaging grows. WEIFU Films's  CPP barrier film technologies brought about simplified & improved retort pouch designs, which can generate processing efficiencies and lower overall packaging costs. Our retortable film complies with international food contact standards, perfect for processed food packaging.


In the dynamic landscape of frozen food packaging, flexible bags have emerged as a versatile and efficient solution. With their enhanced product protection, extended shelf life, and convenient storage and handling, these bags offer numerous benefits to organizations in the food industry. As a trusted provider of flexible bags for frozen food packaging, we stand out with our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions. With features like food contact compliance, high transparency, softness, low odor, and low-temperature heat sealability, our flexible bags provide reliable packaging solutions that enhance the integrity and appeal of frozen food products. We are fully aware that our development is from nature and should return to nature. Adopting flexible pouches from WEIFU Films for frozen food packaging can reduce food waste to a certain extent, and also promote sustainable development and efficiency in the food industry.