High-Strength PE Film from WEIFU Films: The Key to Packaging Potential

WEIFU Films remains at the forefront of innovation. The market demands high-quality packaging solutions that meet performance requirements and prioritize environmental sustainability. With this in mind, we have developed an exceptional range of high-strength PE films, including high-strength PE Plain Film, high-strength PE Heat Sealable Film, and high-strength PE Matt Film. These products have been optimized to deliver outstanding heat-sealing performance, structural design, and recyclability, ensuring enhanced production efficiency and meeting the industry's evolving needs. 

High-Strength PE Plain Film: Transparency and Versatility

Our high-strength PE Plain Film offers excellent optical performance, transparency, and smoothness. It is well-suited for low-temperature and high-speed packaging, providing strong surface tension, adaptability for printing and lamination, and excellent product structure for lamination printing. This film is widely used in packaging dried fruits, nuts, potato chips, puffed food, and more, ensuring product freshness while maintaining visual appeal.

High-Strength PE Heat Sealable Film: Strength and Freshness Lock

Designed for strength and reliability, our high-strength PE Heat Sealable Film offers high mechanical strength, flatness, and exceptional printing performance. It adapts well to various equipment and exhibits low-temperature heat-sealing strength. The film's excellent heat-sealing performance and heat adhesion fastness effectively lock in product freshness. The unique linear tear control design also ensures easy opening and enhances the consumer experience. It has become the preferred choice for packaging solutions such as small rice bags, bagged beers, frozen food packaging, and more.

High-Strength PE Matt Film: Luxurious Appearance and Durability

With its luxurious surface Matt effect and exceptional mechanical performance, our high-strength PE Matt Film has gained significant market favorability. Our innovative product structure boasts fewer white, crystal, and foreign-matter points in the finished product. This film finds applications in daily label usage and protective packaging for electronic and digital products, providing visual appeal and reliable protection.


The packaging solutions offered by WEIFU Films are fully devoted to meeting the changing demands of the flexible packaging sector. Our line of high-strength PE films offers unmatched performance, adaptability, and sustainability, including high-strength PE Matt Film, high-strength PE Heat Sealable Film, and high-strength PE Plain Film. Our films meet a broad range of needs, from the need for transparent packaging to freshness lock and opulent appearance. Our high-strength PE films are made with an emphasis on exceptional mechanical strength, adaptability, and recyclability. They are made to meet environmental standards and improve production efficiency. You can rely on WEIFU Films to provide creative packaging solutions that exceed your expectations and help your products reach their full potential.