Improve Your Product Safety and Appearance with WEIFU Films' Biodegradable One Side Matt BOPP Film


WEIFU Films provides outstanding protection and aesthetic appeal with our biodegradable one-side matt BOPP film with anti-scratch qualities. Our dedication to sustainability and superior product quality allows us to deliver a movie that goes above and beyond. For firms looking for strength and style, our film is ideal for anything from labels and protective films to high-end packaging. 

Enhanced Defense: Carefully Protecting Your Products

Our biodegradable one-side matte film is revolutionary in product protection. Its anti-scratch design guarantees that your belongings stay immaculate during transit. Bid farewell to unsightly dings and damage from handling and transit. As a dependable barrier, our film maintains the calibre and aesthetics of your goods, guaranteeing that they reach customers undamaged.

Uncompromised Sturdiness: Sustainability and Dependability Come Together

At WEIFU Films, we don't think durability should ever be sacrificed for sustainability. Our biodegradable one-side matt BOPP film achieves the ideal harmony between durability and environmental friendliness. Made from premium materials, it provides outstanding strength and durability, protecting your products without harming the environment. You can rest easy knowing that your protective films, labels, and packaging are dependable and sustainable when you use our film.

Visual Appeal: A Matte Finish Reveals Aesthetics

Attracting the attention of customers is primarily dependent on aesthetics. Our biodegradable one-side matt BOPP film excels at producing a striking visual impact. Thanks to its matte surface, it gives your products an exquisite touch and raises their perceived worth. Whether you're displaying high-end labels, luxury items, or elegant packaging, our film elevates the entire design to leave a lasting impact on viewers and differentiate your business from the competition.

Environmental Responsibilities: Maintaining a Degradable Planet

We recognize the significance of being environmentally conscious. Our biodegradable one-side matt BOPP film is made with as little negative environmental impact as possible in mind. Because it is made of biodegradable materials, waste and environmental pollution are reduced as it decomposes naturally over time. You can take an active role in protecting the environment and adopting sustainable practices by selecting our film. Contribute to the environment while maintaining the safety and appeal of your products.


Degradable one-side matt BOPP film with anti-scratch qualities from WEIFU Films is a revolutionary option for brands looking for improved product protection and aesthetics. This film minimizes environmental effects while ensuring your products stay clean thanks to its dependable and environmentally friendly construction. Whether looking for high-end labels, protective films, or packaging, our film offers unwavering strength and aesthetic appeal.