Setting New Standards in Transparency and Safety: Exploring WEIFU Films' Revolutionary AlOx Films for Food Packaging

WEIFU Films' Transparent AlOx Films are designed to provide excellent barrier properties, high transparency, a uniform aluminum layer, and food contact grade compliance. Transparent AlOx Films meet international food contact regulations and offer exceptional barrier qualities, homogeneous aluminum layers, great transparency, and an innovative ALOx PET coating. Let's examine the benefits of our ALOx film and see how it might improve your packaging's use and aesthetic appeal.

Outstanding Barrier Characteristics for Microwaveable Containers

We know how important it is to offer packaging options that accommodate contemporary lives. Our Transparent AlOx Films are appropriate for microwave heating because of their outstanding barrier qualities and ALOx PET coating. Your packed items will be able to be readily heated without losing their quality or freshness thanks to this function. You can rely on our films to provide a barrier that protects the integrity and tastes of your microwaveable goods.

Elevated Transparency for Outstanding Visual Impact

Brand success depends on drawing in customers and presenting your goods in the best possible way. Because of our great transparency, our Transparent AlOx Films enable amazing visual effects. You can design packaging with our films that elegantly display your goods and draw in customers with their eye-catching appearance so as to utilize our high-transparency AlOx Films to enhance the visual impact of your brand.

Consistent Aluminum Coating for Superior Printability

Offering Transparent AlOx Films with a consistent aluminum layer that guarantees outstanding printability is something we are really proud of. The packaging can display graphics, logos, and product information with colorful and accurate reproduction thanks to this feature. Our movies offer a platform for visually arresting content that improves brand recognition and grabs viewers' attention. 

Grade Compliance for Food Contact to Increase Safety

Our first concern is making sure your packing materials are safe and compliant. International guidelines for food contact are fully complied with by our transparent AlOx films. This ensures that your products, packaged to the strictest safety standards, retain their integrity and purity.


With WEIFU Films' transparent AlOx films, you can elevate your packaging game to a new level. From improving the shelf life of products to providing excellent barrier properties and superior printability, these films are designed with functionality in mind. Not only that, but we also offer a wide range of customization options to fit your specific needs. For every company trying to up their packaging game, WEIFU's films are the perfect answer.