Taking Packaging Solutions to the Next Level: Exploring the Advanced Features of WEIFU Films' Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks

As a reliable player in the flexible intermediate bulk container market, WEIFU Films is dedicated to providing innovative packaging solutions that optimize efficiency and meet the diverse needs of our partners. Our Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks are designed to deliver exceptional performance, featuring new printing technology, increased coefficient of friction, and superior tensile strength. These customizable bags offer reliable solutions for maintaining bag shape, frost, and oxygen resistance, making them ideal for packaging fertilizer, chemicals, sugar, rice, and more.

New Printing Technology for Reduced Ink Removal

At WEIFU Films, we utilize advanced printing technology in our Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks. This technology minimizes ink removal during handling and transportation, ensuring your packaging maintains its visual appeal throughout the supply chain. Say goodbye to smudged or faded prints, and trust our bags to showcase your products clearly and professionally.

Increased Coefficient of Friction for Stackability:

Efficient stacking and storage are essential for streamlined logistics. Our Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks feature an increased coefficient of friction on the outer layer, eliminating stacking problems. This ensures stability during stacking, reducing the risk of toppling or collapsing. Count on our bags to optimize your storage space and facilitate smooth handling in your warehouse.

Superior Tensile Strength and Elongation:

We understand the importance of durability and reliability in packaging materials. Our Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks offer higher tensile strength and elongation, making them capable of withstanding rigorous handling and heavy loads. Fill the bags with confidence, knowing that they can endure the demands of your operations and maintain their integrity throughout the packaging process.

Adaptable Design for Personalized Resolutions

WEIFU Films takes pleasure in providing individualized solutions to satisfy your particular needs. Our Standard Non-Printed Woven Sacks are customizable to meet your exact requirements. This means they're the ideal choice for preserving bag shape, resistance to oxygen and frost, and other particular requirements. You may rely on our staff to collaborate closely with you, provide bags that precisely suit your needs, and address any packaging issues.


WEIFU Films' new standard non-printed woven sacks offer a variety of impressive features that make them stand out as an ideal choice for packaging needs. With the integration of innovative printing technology, increased coefficient of friction, and superior tensile strength, these woven sacks provide both durability and functionality. Whether used for storage or transportation, you can trust the quality and convenience of WEIFU's non-printed woven sacks to meet your unique requirements.