The Cutting-Edge Technology Behind WEIFU Films' BOPE Matt Film (EMT): Revolutionizing Display Quality

WEIFU Films has achieved a stand-out in the flexible packaging industry. With excellent high dyne retention, high strength PE matt structure, high surface clarity, and comfortable touch feeling, our team offers a superior solution for the protective packaging of electronic and digital products, precision instruments, and more.

High Matt Effect for a Comfortable Touch Feeling

Our BOPE Matt Film (EMT) is an excellent option for products that need a high-end, opulent appearance because it has a high matt finish that feels nice to the touch. Our film's matt surface adds a touch of refinement and improves the user experience overall, whether you're packing digital devices, electronic gadgets, or precision equipment. You can rely on our film to produce packaging that greatly balances comfort and elegance.

High Surface Clarity for Excellent Visibility

Your product will be able to shine through the packaging due to this feature, which guarantees outstanding visibility. Our film's clarity guarantees that every element is shown with outstanding visual impact, whether you're showcasing complex designs, vivid colors, or product details. Your package will draw customers' attention and make an impression using our film.

Excellent High Dyne Retention for Printing and Lamination

We recommend our BOPE Matt Film (EMT) for printing and laminating procedures because of its exceptionally high dyne retention. This function makes it possible to seamlessly integrate filling bags, paper cartons, gift boxes, and other materials with other materials, increasing the number of innovative and personalized packaging options. Whether you need to include product details or branding features, our film guarantees excellent printing outcomes that will improve the overall appearance of your packaging.

High Strength PE Matt Structure for Enhanced Durability

Since we know how important it is to safeguard your priceless items, our BOPE Matt Film (EMT) has a solid PE matt structure. By strengthening the pouch's resistance to punctures, this construction increases its dependability and longevity during handling, moving, and storing. You may be sure your packaged goods are adequately safeguarded and will arrive at end users in perfect shape when you use our film.


The benefits of a comfortable touch feeling, improved puncture resistance, and suitability for printing and lamination make our BOPE Matt Film(EMT) a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their products' visual appeal and reliability. Investing in this type of packaging can significantly benefit any company. So why wait? We sincerely invite you to experience these advantages and see how they can positively impact your business!