The Practical CPE Film from WEIFU Films Will Upgrade Your Packaging by Activating the Power of Performance and Safety

At WEIFU Films, we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions that meet and exceed our customers' needs. Our CPE film is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Designed specifically for high-speed packaging applications, our film combines enhanced toughness, exceptional softness, high heat seal strength, superior peeling strength, and a low coefficient of friction. With its food contact approval, our CPE film offers a winning combination of performance and safety.

Greater Durability for Rapid Packaging

Durability is the most critical factor in high-speed packaging. With its improved hardness, our CPE film offers outstanding resistance to tearing and punctures. This lowers the possibility of damage or spoiling by ensuring your packaged items are kept safe throughout the flexible packaging film process.

Exceptional Softness for Optimal Manipulation

We recognize the value of packaging materials that are easy to use. Because of its remarkable suppleness, our CPE film is simple to work with and handle during packing. Its flexibility guarantees seamless and effective packing processes, resulting in more output and less downtime.

High Heat Seal Strength for Secure Packaging

As a result of its high heat seal strength, our CPE film helps to guarantee the integrity of your packaged goods. This feature makes creating a trustworthy and safe seal possible, avoiding contamination, leaks, and tampering. You may rest easy knowing your products are prepared for distribution and well-protected with our film.

Excellent Peeling Power and Minimal Friction Coefficient

Operational efficiency plays a significant role in packaging. With the exceptional peeling strength of our CPE film, opening and accessing the box's contents is made simple. Its low coefficient of friction also makes it easier for materials to flow smoothly during packing, reducing interruptions and clogs. These characteristics support seamless packaging operations and higher productivity.

Approved for Safety in Food Contact

The security of customers and their packaged goods is our top priority. Our CPE film satisfies strict safety requirements and is authorized for food contact. Our film conforms with industry norms and is devoid of dangerous ingredients, guaranteeing the highest level of safety for your food and beverage items.


At WEIFU Films, we aim to empower our clients with outstanding performance and safety through packaging solutions. Our CPE film offers improved toughness, exceptional softness, strong heat seal strength, better-peeling strength, and a low coefficient of friction. It is made explicitly for high-speed packaging applications. With its food contact approval, our film delivers the perfect balance of performance and safety in your packaging operations.