Unleashing the Potential: Exploring the Performance and Applications of BOPP Film

Welcome to the world of WEIFU Films! With over four decades of industry experience, we have revolutionized the market with our cutting-edge solutions. As a leading provider of BOPP film, we take pride in presenting its exceptional performance and versatile applications. Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the remarkable features of BOPP film and its role in transforming packaging solutions. Today we are going to explore BOPP label film in WEIFU. 

Unveiling the Performance of BOPP Label Film

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is renowned for its outstanding properties that cater to diverse packaging needs. With high tensile strength, excellent printability, low temperature impact resistance, and puncture resistance, BOPP label film emerges as a top contender in the packaging industry. Its low haze and exceptional transparency enable products to shine through, captivating consumers with their alluring appearance.

The numbers speak for themselves:

- Thickness: Our BOPP label film is available in 25μm, 30μm, and 40μm variants, providing flexibility and customization options.

- Density: With a consistent density of 0.940g/cm3, our BOPP film ensures stability and reliability in various applications.

- Weight and Yield: Offering weights of 23.41g/m2, 28.22g/m2, and 37.64g/m2, our BOPP label film strikes the perfect balance between durability and efficiency.

- Tensile Strength: Boasting a minimum tensile strength of 80N/mm2 in the machine direction (MD) and 150N/mm2 in the transverse direction (TD), our BOPP label film guarantees robustness and resilience.

- Thermal Shrinkage: With minimal thermal shrinkage percentages of ≤6.0% in MD and ≤4.0% in TD, our BOPP label film retains its dimensional stability even under high temperatures.

- Elongation at Break: Offering elongation values of ≤300% in MD and ≤150% in TD, our BOPP label film combines strength and flexibility.

- Coefficient of Friction: With a low coefficient of friction of ≤0.6 on both corona treated and non-treated sides, our BOPP label film ensures smooth processing and efficient handling.

- Haze and Gloss: With haze levels ≤6.0% and gloss values ≥80.0%, our BOPP label film enhances product visibility and delivers an appealing finish.

- Wetting Tension: Featuring a wetting tension of ≥38mN/m on the corona treated side, our BOPP label film facilitates excellent print receptivity.

Unleashing the Applications of BOPP Label Film

BOPP label film is a true game-changer when it comes to packaging. Its versatility allows it to be used in various applications, including lamination and printing product structures. It is particularly well-suited for the packaging of stand-up laundry detergent, seafood bags, zipper bags, and more. By replacing traditional structures like PET or BOPA, our BOPE high-temperature resistant plain film achieves a mono-material structure, promoting improved recyclability. Its superior stiffness, enhanced print receptivity, and excellent slip properties make it compatible with high-speed printing and packaging machines, ensuring efficient and seamless operations.


At WEIFU Films, we have harnessed the remarkable potential of BOPP film to revolutionize the packaging industry. With its exceptional performance characteristics and versatile applications, BOPP film offers an unparalleled solution for businesses seeking reliable, sustainable, and visually captivating packaging materials. Join us in embracing the power of BOPP film.