Unlocking the Potential of WEIFU BOPP Colored Film: A Versatile Solution for Printing, Bonding, Laminating, and Coating

Differentiating oneself from the competition is crucial in the packaging industry. Innovative solutions that draw attention and strengthen brand identity are our specialty at WEIFU Films. As a film for packaging, our BOPP Colored Film is a perfect option for functional coatings and attaining product performance diversification since it has exceptional printing, bonding, laminating, and coating qualities. Our film is made to take packaging to new levels with its vivid colors and variety of uses.

Exceptional Coating Quality for Various Uses

The significance of packaging adaptability is recognized by WEIFU Films. Because of its superior coating qualities, our BOPP Colored Film may be used for a variety of tasks, such as bonding, lamination, and printing. Our film produces excellent results whether you want to add colorful designs, ensure adherence, or improve durability. This lets you achieve the ideal performance and aesthetics for your packaging.

Using Colored Functional Coating Treatment to Diversify Product Performance

Product performance variety is essential to meeting the market's changing demands. With the colored functional coating process on our BOPP Colored Film, you may improve the functionality of your packaging. Our film can be applied with this treatment on self-adhesive labels, including glossy paper, coated art paper, transparent dragon, dumb silver, etc. Its waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant qualities guarantee the durability and attractiveness of your packed goods.

Extraordinary Graphic Impact for Entertaining Packaging

Packaging offers a chance to leave a lasting impact on customers. Because of its vivid and striking hues, our BOPP Colored Film creates a stunning visual impact. Whether with green, blue, or red, our film adds a splash of color that draws customers in and improves brand identification. WEIFU BOPP Colored Film can help you make a strong visual impact with your packaging and make a lasting impression on the shelf.

Food Contact Grade and International Compliance

We place a premium on the safety and compliance of our packaging solutions. The highest criteria of food safety are met by our BOPP Colored Film since it is food contact grade. We are pleased to announce that our film complies entirely with international food contact standards, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your packaged food products.


WEIFU BOPP Colored Film provides a solution with excellent coating properties, vibrant colors, and exceptional visual effects. These films not only enhance the appearance of products but also leave a lasting impression on customers. Whether for packaging or labeling purposes, WEIFU BOPP Colored Film offers endless possibilities for brands to create eye-catching designs to help their products stand out in a crowded marketplace.