WEIFU BOPP Label Film: Customizable Solutions for Diverse Labeling Demands

In the competitive world of product labeling, businesses strive to create visually appealing and functional labels that captivate consumers. WEIFU BOPP label films have emerged as a go-to solution for meeting diverse labeling demands. With outstanding versatility and customizable features, WEIFU BOPP label films offer businesses the opportunity to create labels that stand out from the crowd.

Tailoring Films to Specific Requirements

WEIFU recognizes that different products require different label aesthetics. That's why we offer a wide range of options, including transparent, milky white, matt, and metallised BOPP films. By tailoring the film's appearance, businesses can achieve the desired visual impact that aligns with brand identity and product positioning. Whether it's creating a sleek and transparent label or a sophisticated metallic finish, WEIFU has the right solution.

Adapting Stiffness and Softness

Labels come in various shapes and sizes, and each requires specific characteristics to ensure proper application and adherence. WEIFU BOPP label films address this need by allowing the modification of stiffness and softness. This flexibility enables businesses to choose the ideal film that suits their label demands. Whether it's a rigid film that maintains its shape on curved surfaces or a soft film that adheres seamlessly to irregular containers, WEIFU has the capability to deliver.

Excellent High Dyne Retention and Coatability

One of the standout advantages of WEIFU BOPP label films is the excellent high dyne retention. This feature ensures optimal ink adhesion, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting labels. WEIFU films also offer the ability to be coated, further enhancing  functionality. Coatings can provide additional protection against abrasion, moisture, and chemicals, increasing the durability of the labels and extending the lifespan.

Meeting Diverse Labeling Needs

WEIFU BOPP label films find extensive application in various industries. From cosmetics to beverages and even in-mold labeling, these films cater to a wide range of labeling requirements. Moreover,the transparency of the films makes them ideal for showcasing product contents, while the milky white film offers high opacity, ensuring vibrant graphics and text stand out. Furthermore, our BOPP films are fully compliant with international food contact standards, making us suitable for labeling food products as well.


When it comes to fulfilling various labeling requirements, WEIFU's BOPP label films provide tailored solutions that enable businesses to design visually captivating and functionally superb labels. With options like transparent, milky white, matt, and metallised films, as well as the ability to modify stiffness and softness, WEIFU ensures that every label requirement is met. Additionally, the excellent high dyne retention and coatability features further enhance the versatility and durability of WEIFU films. Embrace the power of customization with WEIFU BOPP label films and elevate your product labeling to new heights.