WEIFU BOPP Matt Film: Enhance the Aesthetics of Packaging

WEIFU Films is committed to providing cutting-edge packaging solutions that meet the highest quality standards and elevate your products' visual appeal. Our BOPP matte film is a testament to our dedication, offering a high-quality matte finish, excellent printability, and compliance with international food contact standards. With its even matting effect, superior quality, and versatility, our film is perfect for achieving functional and visually stunning packaging.

Even Matting Effect and Quality Feel

Our BOPP Matt Film is renowned for its exceptional even matting effect, giving your packaging a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The film's matte finish provides a tactile experience, adding a touch of luxury to your products. With its quality feel, your packaging will captivate customers and create a lasting impression, enhancing the overall brand experience.

Excellent Printability and Observability

Our BOPP Matt Film offers excellent printability, allowing your designs to shine with utmost clarity. The matte surface minimizes glare and reflections, ensuring your graphics and text are easily visible from various angles. This exceptional observability ensures that your packaging stands out on the shelves, effortlessly grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Ink Printable and Laminated

Our BOPP Matt Film is designed to be compatible with various printing techniques. Whether you choose offset printing, flexographic printing, or other methods, our film ensures excellent ink adhesion and vibrant color reproduction. Additionally, the film can be easily laminated with other materials, providing enhanced durability and protection for your packaging while maintaining its matte finish. This versatility allows you to explore different design possibilities and create packaging that reflects your brand identity.

Food Contact Compliance

We prioritize the safety and well-being of consumers. Our BOPP Matt Film complies with international food contact standards, making it a reliable choice for food packaging applications. Rest assured that your products remain protected and safe for consumption while benefiting from the film's exceptional matting effect and visual appeal. With our film, you can showcase your food products with confidence and integrity.

Meeting Diversified Needs

With our BOPP Matt Film, we offer a solution that meets the diverse needs of our partners. Whether you require packaging for the food industry or gift packaging, our film provides the versatility and customization options necessary to achieve functionality and aesthetics. Trust our team to deliver tailored solutions that elevate your packaging and set your products apart.


WEIFU BOPP Matt Film offers an even matting effect, exceptional printability, and compliance with international food contact standards. With its quality feel and observability, your packaging will leave a lasting impression on customers. Moreover, its ink-printable and laminated nature allows for endless design possibilities. If you want your products to shine in the market, cooperate with our WEIFU Films team to provide you with high-quality packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements.