WeiFU Films' CPP Retortable Film Simplifies and Improves Retort Pouch Packaging

The use of retort pouch packaging has grown in popularity as consumers look for quick-to-eat or partially-cooked food options. We at WEIFU Films are aware of how the food packaging sector is changing and what it needs. With great quality and performance, our CPP Retortable Film is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of retort pouch packing. We are happy that you can take a look at our CPP Retortable Film's features and benefits to see how it can improve and streamline your retort pouch packaging options.

Heat Sealability at Low Temperatures for Processing Efficient

Low-temperature heat sealability is a feature of our CPP Retortable Film that makes packaging more accessible and increases processing efficiency. Our film's capacity to seal at low temperatures guarantees safe and dependable packaging, increasing overall production speed and lowering energy consumption. Discover the ease and effectiveness of our film's low-temperature heat sealability, which enables smooth packing processes.

Elevated Openness for Product Exposure

Because we recognize how crucial product visibility is in the retail setting, our CPP Retortable Film has a high level of transparency. This feature makes it possible for customers to see how fresh and high-quality your packed food is, which encourages them to buy. With the help of our film, your products will be exhibited in the greatest possible way, increasing their attraction on store shelves.

Gentle and Dim Scent for Improved Customer Experience

Our CPP Retortable Film aims to give customers a satisfying experience. Our film guarantees that the packaging does not compromise the quality and aroma of the packaged food due to its low odour and soft composition. This characteristic preserves the integrity and freshness of the contents, which is especially useful for inflated bags. 

Respecting the Global Food Contact Guidelines

Food safety is our first concern, and our CPP Retortable Film complies with global guidelines for food contact. We follow strict guidelines to guarantee that our film satisfies the strictest safety requirements for processed food packaging. You may confidently package your items as a result of our film's compliance because you know they will be transported and stored hygienically and safely.


Our film provides a dependable and aesthetically pleasing option for your packaging needs thanks to its low-temperature heat sealability, high transparency, soft and low odour composition, and compliance with international food contact standards. We would appreciate it if you embrace our film's enhanced packaging solutions, increased product visibility, streamlined processing, and uncompromising food safety. You can always be confident in our team's dedication to providing outstanding packaging solutions that put the needs of our customers, functionality, and quality first.