WEIFU Films: Providing Better Adhesive Solutions for Higher Performance Battery Applications

A wide selection of adhesive films explicitly designed for battery applications is available from WEIFU Films. Our team is aware of the particular needs associated with battery manufacturing, focusing on stable adhesive effects, outstanding high and low-temperature resistance, and excellent processing receptivity. We offer a variety of solutions to guarantee the best possible performance, safety, and dependability in battery labeling, protection, and fixation, ranging from flame retardant and denoise PET films to anti-static silicone battery process protective films.

Stable Adhesive Effect on Versatile Conditions

We offer adhesive films that are ideal for various battery application settings since they are designed to produce stable adhesive effects. Our films ensure that labels, protective films, and fixations stay firmly in place throughout the battery's lifecycle, regardless of harsh temperatures, vibrations, or uneven surfaces. Our adhesive solutions will keep your batteries functioning and intact so you can rely on them.

Excellent Processing Receptivity with High and Low Temperature Resistance

The production of batteries involves several processing steps that expose materials to high temperatures. The superior processing receptivity of our adhesive films enables effective battery component handling, assembly, and integration. Our films resist high and low temperatures well, so they keep their adhesive qualities even in harsh production environments. This guarantees efficient processing, accurate application, and reliable performance, all of which improve the general caliber of your battery manufacturing process.

Diverse Adhesive Products for Customized Solutions

We have learned that every battery application is different and has various needs. To meet your unique needs, we provide various adhesive materials with various qualities. Our extensive product lineup guarantees that you can find the ideal solution for your battery applications, whether you need anti-static silicone protective films for appearance protection during soft packaging processing, flame retardant and denoise PET films for battery outer packaging labels, or brown and black PI tapes for cell ear protection.

Independent Intellectual Property Product Patents for Guaranteed Performance

WEIFU Films takes pride in its independent intellectual property product patents, which guarantee the performance and reliability of our adhesive films. By investing in innovation and research, we can develop industry-leading flexible packaging solutions. Our patented adhesive technologies ensure consistent and secure bonding in battery applications with our films by maintaining the optimal adhesive temperature.


For all your adhesive needs in battery applications, partner with WEIFU Films. Our adhesive solutions are known for their stable effects, excellent processing receptivity, and reliable high and low-temperature resistance. We have diverse tailored adhesive films, including flame-retardant, denoise PET films, and anti-static silicone protective films. Our products ensure reliable performance, straightforward application, and enhanced safety for labeling, protection, and fixation of batteries. Let our expertise and innovative solutions help optimize the performance and dependability of your battery applications.