WEIFU's BOPP Anti-fog Film: Elevating Food Packaging Solutions

When it comes to food packaging, WEIFU is the leading provider of high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. Our BOPP Anti-fog Film is designed to enhance your packaging strategies and ensure the freshness and appeal of your products throughout their shelf life.

Superior Sealing and Anti-fog Performance

One of the key features of our BOPP Anti-fog Film is its superior sealing performance. We understand the importance of preserving the freshness and quality of your packaged goods. Our film provides an excellent sealing effect, ensuring that your products remain protected from external factors that can compromise their integrity. With the high heat seal strength on both sides of the film, you can trust that your packaging will maintain its seal, keeping your products in optimal condition.

Clear visibility of packaged products is crucial in captivating consumers' attention. Our BOPP Anti-fog Film excels in this aspect, offering exceptional cold anti-fog performance. This means that even in refrigerated environments, where condensation can occur, our film prevents fogging and ensures clear visibility of the contents inside. This enhances the visual appeal of your products and allows customers to appreciate their quality.

Meets International Food Contact Standards for Safe Use in Packaging

At WEIFU, we prioritize the safety and compliance of our products. Our BOPP Anti-fog Film meets international food contact standards, ensuring that it is safe for use in packaging food items. We understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety in the food industry. In addition, our film offers a wide range of product categories and types, catering to various packaging requirements across different industries. We also provide customizable solutions, allowing you to tailor the film to your specific application needs.

To ensure transparency and reliability, we provide detailed performance data based on testing and reference methods. We believe in providing our customers with accurate information about our products. Our performance data includes properties such as thickness, density, weight, tensile strength, thermal shrinkage, and more. We also provide guidelines for the storage, transportation, and usage of our film to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

Detailed Performance Properties Based on Testing and Reference Methods

WEIFU's BOPP Anti-fog Film is specifically designed for fresh fruit, vegetable, and refrigerated food packaging needs. With its superior sealing and anti-fog performance, compliance with food contact standards, customizable features, and detailed performance data, our film is the perfect choice for businesses in the food industry.


At WEIFU, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products and services that meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our goal is to elevate your food packaging solutions and help you achieve success in the market. Join our satisfied clientele and experience the difference that WEIFU can make in optimizing your packaging strategies. Contact our company today to explore the possibilities with our BOPP Anti-fog Film and discover how it can enhance the appeal and functionality of your food packaging.