WEIFU's BOPP Matte Film Will Improve Your Packaging

WEIFU is the reliable partner in terms of packaging solutions. In order to meet your specific demands, our business specializes in offering premium goods and services. In this piece, we'll look at how our BOPP Matt Film may improve your packaging processes by providing a consistent matted effect, compliance with global food contact requirements, a variety of product categories, and dependable performance parameters.

Even Matting Effect and Quality Feel

With WEIFU's BOPP Matt Film, you can achieve a premium matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your packaging. The film provides an even matting effect, ensuring a smooth and uniform appearance. We take pride in delivering high-quality products with fewer impurities, guaranteeing a clean and visually appealing result. Additionally, our matte film offers excellent printability, allowing you to showcase your brand and product information with clarity and precision.

Compliant with International Food Contact Standards

At WEIFU, we understand the importance of product safety, especially for food packaging. Our BOPP Matt Film is specifically designed to meet international food contact standards. You can trust in our film to ensure that your packaged food items remain fresh, uncontaminated, and safe for consumption. With WEIFU's matte film, you can package your food products with confidence, knowing that they meet the highest industry standards for hygiene and safety.

Diversified Product Categories to Meet Various Needs

We recognize that different packaging applications require tailored solutions. That's why WEIFU offers a wide range of product categories to meet your specific needs. Choose from our selection of one/both sides matte film (PMT/DPMT) for versatile options. If you require tearing resistance, our tearing matte film (PMTD-T) is the perfect choice. For transfer applications, our transfer matte film (TPMT) provides excellent performance. Whatever your requirements, we have the right product to meet your unique packaging demands.

Performance Specifications for Reliability

At WEIFU, we prioritize reliability in our products. Our BOPP Matt Film undergoes stringent testing to meet high-performance specifications. We provide detailed information on thickness, density, and weight specifications, ensuring that you get the optimal film for your packaging needs. With high tensile strength and stable property, our matte film offers exceptional durability and integrity throughout the packaging process. Additionally, we measure thermal shrinkage and coefficient of friction to ensure proper functionality and consistent performance.


Enhance your packaging solutions with WEIFU's BOPP Matt Film. Experience the benefits of an even matting effect, excellent printability, and a quality feel that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your packages. Rest assured that our film is compliant with international food contact standards, guaranteeing the safety of your packaged food products. Choose from our diversified product categories to find the perfect fit for your specific packaging needs. Trust in the reliable performance and specifications of our matte film to elevate your packaging operations. Contact us today to discover how WEIFU's BOPP Matt Film can enhance your packaging and impress your customers.