WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film: The Ultimate Solution for Mushroom Packaging

For mushroom packaging, WEIFU has the ultimate solution with our CPP Mushroom Film. Our film is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of packing fresh mushrooms, offering a range of benefits that ensure optimal protection and freshness.

Discover the Benefits of WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film for Mushroom Packaging

One of the standout features of our film is its exceptional flexibility. This attribute allows the film to conform to the shape of the mushrooms, providing them with optimal protection during handling and transportation. With WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film, you can trust that your mushrooms will arrive in perfect condition.

In addition to flexibility, our film boasts an excellent breathable property. This means that air circulation is maintained within the packaging, preventing any build-up of moisture and ensuring the mushrooms stay fresh for longer periods. Proper airflow is essential for preserving the quality and extending the shelf life of your mushrooms.

Unmatched Performance of WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film for Mushroom Packaging

When it comes to packaging mushrooms, WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film delivers unrivaled performance. Our film is designed with dual-sided high heat sealing strength, guaranteeing a secure seal that keeps the mushrooms intact throughout the supply chain. You can rely on the superior packaging integrity provided by our film.

Furthermore, our film exhibits an outstanding cold anti-fog effect. Even in refrigerated environments, the film maintains clarity, allowing consumers to see the enticing visual appeal of your mushrooms. This feature enhances the presentation and marketing potential of your products.

Another noteworthy characteristic of WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film is its good puncture resistance and anti-rupture property. Mushrooms are delicate and require reliable protection from external forces. With our film, you can be confident that your mushrooms are shielded from potential damage, ensuring their quality and marketability.

WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film: A Customizable Solution for Mushroom Packaging

At WEIFU, we understand that every packaging need is unique. That's why we offer customizable options to meet specific application demands for mushroom packaging. Our range of product categories includes Cold Anti-Fog Film (FWC), Hot Anti-Fog Film (FWRCPP2), and Breathable Anti-Fog Film (DBFW).

Choosing our Breathable Anti-Fog Film comes with numerous advantages. The film offers excellent oxygen transmission rate (OTR), allowing optimal gas exchange within the packaging. This feature prolongs the shelf life of your mushrooms and ensures they remain fresh for an extended period, meeting the expectations of your customers.

With WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film, you can rely on its long refrigerated storage time. This means that your mushrooms will maintain their quality and freshness even in cold storage environments. Our film provides the necessary protection while allowing the mushrooms to breathe, preserving their taste, texture, and nutritional value.


In conclusion, WEIFU's CPP Mushroom Film is the best option for packaging mushrooms. Discover the benefits of our film, including exceptional flexibility, high heat sealing strength, and a remarkable cold anti-fog effect. Take advantage of our customizable options and choose WEIFU for superior packaging performance and customer satisfaction.