A Complete Exploration of Onigiri Plastic Wrappers: What is Two-Side Matte BOPP Film Perfectly For?

Onigiri is a popular Japanese dish for picnics and lunch boxes that has been used from ancient times to the present day. It involves a portion of the rice shaped into a triangle or cylinder and wrapped in a sheet of seaweed. Even today, the consumption is considerable because it is easy to make and carry, which is needed in today's hectic lifestyle of modern society.

The onigiri plastic wrapper (wrappage) has a crucial role in preserving the dish. It is meant to keep the rich fresh and avoid getting dried out. The two-sided matte BOPP film is the main material for the onigiri plastic wrapper. It provides excellent protection and durability to onigiri along with elegant matt appearance. Therefore, let's explore the matte BOPP film in detail and find out why it is the perfect food packaging film.

What is Matte BOPP Film? Composition, Structure, and Characteristics

Matte BOPP film is a biaxially oriented polypropylene film with a matte effect on both or one side. It is mainly composed of polypropylene (PP), which is a thermoplastic polymer. The structure of Two-side Matte BOPP film (DPMT) is based on three layers together out of biaxially oriented manufacturing process.. The inner side layer is made of polypropylene film. The outer side layer is often corona-treated to allow lamination and printing. Both inner and outer layers are involved with matte addictives to get the delicate high matte film finish. 

The key characteristics of matte BOPP film are as follows:

  1. Matte Finish: The double-sided matte finish gives a high-end, non-reflective look, boosting visual attractiveness while adding a pleasant tactile sensation to the packaged onigiri.
  2. Barrier Properties: BOPP film offers excellent barrier properties against moisture and air, crucial for preserving the freshness of onigiri.
  3. Durability: Resistant to tears and punctures, this film ensures the onigiri remains intact and hygienic during handling and transportation.
  4. Heat Sealing: Exceptional sealing performance to secure the package.

In short, matte BOPP film incorporates all the structural composition and characteristics to suit the packaging needs effectively.

Why Is Matte BOPP Film the Ideal Material for Onigiri Plastic Wrapper?

When it comes to onigiri plastic wrapper, matte BOPP film is one of the best choices. Below are some of the key reasons that make matte BOPP film an ideal material for the onigiri plastic wrapper:

  1. Enhanced Product Presentation: The matte surface allows for high-quality printing, making the packaging visually appealing with a smooth, delicate, and high-end matte effect that is brand-friendly.
  2. Consumer Convenience: The film's strength and flexibility facilitate easy opening and handling, enhancing the consumer experience.
  3. Sustainability Factor: As a recyclable material, BOPP film aligns with eco-friendly packaging trends, which are becoming increasingly important factors for consumers.

All the above attributes of matte BOPP film make it dominate over other packaging materials and best suited as an onigiri plastic wrapper.

Weifu – The Reliable Onigiri Packaging Film Manufacturer

Now that we know the usefulness of two-sided matte BOPP film, the next thing to consider is choosing a reliable onigiri plastic wrapper manufacturer. This is where Weifu comes into action.

Weifu is a reliable onigiri packaging film manufacturer that has worked with many onigiri manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan. Our BOPP matt film provides high tensile strength, excellent heat resistance property and complies with international food contact standards.

The other key features of the Weifu onigiri plastic wrapper include:

  1. Good and even matte effect with few defective points, or so-called fish eyes.
  2. Meets the high standards of appearance particularly required by the Japanese food industry.
  3. Good heat resistance to tackle the curling issue faced by many customers when they do heat sealing, sheet cutting, or pattern printing.
  4. Low-temperature sealing to enhance sealing and packaging efficiency.
  5. Excellent printability and observability.

Overall, Weifu BOPP matt films are the outstanding quality and highly durable onigiri plastic wrappers that onigiri manufacturers need to address their packaging requirements.


The use of the right onigiri plastic wrapper is crucial to preserve the onigiri dish and keep the rice fresh. As evident from the above discussion, two-sided matte BOPP film is the best packaging film for onigiri due to its excellent barrier properties, matte finish, and durability. That's why we recommend you choose Weifu BOPP matt films to have the best and premium quality onigiri packaging.