BOPP Colored Film

Excellent printing, bonding, laminating and coating properties Excellent printing, bonding, laminating and coating properties

Colored functional coating treatment Colored functional coating treatment

Excellent visual effect Excellent visual effect

Good surface tension Good surface tension

Product Advantages

Excellent coating property

Suitable for print,bonding and lamination

Colored functional coating treatment

Excellent visual effect

One side corona treated

Good surface tension

Food contact

Compliant with international food contact standards.

Product features


Product Category

Product Type

Blue film BULE-PP
Green film LGMOPP
Red film RED-PP

Note: The above BOPP colored film can be customized for clients according to specific application demand.


Blue film CTPP-BLUE
Property Unit Typical Values Reference Method
Thickness μm 70.0 +/- 2.5% GB/T 6672
Density g/cm3 0.905 +/- 2% GB/T 1033.1
Weight g/m2 63.3 +/- 2% GB/T 6672
Yield(㎡/kg ) m2/kg 15.7 +/- 2% GB/T 6672
Tensile strength MD N/mm2 135 ≥120 GB/T 1040.3
TD N/mm2 277 ≥220 GB/T 1040.3
Thermal shrinkage
(120°C 2mins)
MD % 2.95 ≤4.0 GB/T 10003
TD % 0.88 ≤1.0 GB/T 10003
Elongation at break MD % 191 ≤200 GB/T 1040.3
TD % 62 ≤80 GB/T 1040.3
Coefficient of Friction Corona treated side - 0.45 ≤0.60 GB/T 10006
Corona untreated side - 0.47 ≤0.60 GB/T 10006
Haze % 1.55 ≤2.0 GB/T 2410
Gloss(45°) % 88.4 ≥80.0 GB/T 8807

Wetting tension (single side)

mN/m 36 ≥36 GB/T14216-2008

The information on Weifu products and their applications provided in this data sheet is based on testing of representative material. The information does not constitute a warranty or guarantee, either expressly or implied, of any specific product attribute or the suitability of products for specific applications. For particular technical requirements or specifications, please contact Weifu.

Avoid mechanical impact, exposure to sunlight and rain during transportation. BOPP coloured film should be stored below 50% RH, temperature below 30°C, away from direct sunlight. Suitable for use for up to 6 months.


It is suitable for functional coatings to achieve product performance diversification.With colored functional coating,it can be used on the surface of self-adhesive labels such as glossy paper, coated art paper, transparent dragon, dumb silver, etc. It is waterproof, scratch resistant, and fade resistant.

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