PET Metallised Film

Long shelf-life time Long shelf-life time

Excellent barrier property Excellent barrier property

Uniform aluminum layer Uniform aluminum layer

Excellent printability Excellent printability

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Product Advantages

Long shelf-life time

Uniform aluminum layer

Excellent barrier property

Excellent printability

Excellent stiffness and scratch resistance

Used for laminated packaging outer layer

Food contact grade

Fully compliant with international food contact standards

Product features


Product catalogue Product type
PET metallised film AlMPET
Semi-metallised PET film AlMPET
PET metallised film for electronic packaging AlMPET-E
PET metallised film with high bonding strength AlMPET-A

PS: The above PET metallised film can be customized for clients according to their specific application demand.


PET metallised film(ALMPET)
Property Unit Typical Values Reference Method
Thickness μm 12.0 +/- 3% GB/T 6672
Density g/cm3 1.400 +/- 2% GB/T 1033.1
Weight g/m2 16.8 +/- 2% GB/T 6672
Yield m2/kg 59.5 +/- 2% GB/T 6672
Tensile strength MD N/mm2 238 ≥180 GB/T 1040.3
TD N/mm2 243 ≥190 GB/T 1040.3
Thermal shrinkage
(120℃ 2mins)
MD % 1.22 ≤2.0 GB/T 10003
TD % 0.35 ≤1.5 GB/T 10003
Elongation at break MD % 117 ≥90 GB/T 1040.3
TD % 104 ≥85 GB/T 1040.3
Coefficient of Friction Metallised side - 0.56 ≤0.80 GB/T 10006
Non-metallised side - 0.62 ≤0.90 GB/T 10006
Metallised adhesion bonding strength N/15mm 2.55 ≥1.5 -
Oxygen transmission rate Cm3/m2•d•0.1Mpa 1.13 ≤2.5 GB/T1038-2000
Water vapor transmission rate g/m2.24h 1.86 ≤3.5 ASTM F1249-2001
Wetting tension(metallised side) mN/m 38 ≥38 GB/T14216

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Suitable for Luxury gifts, tea, milk powder, food and other packaging. According to functional requirements, the metallised side can be laminated with high heat sealing PE/CPP, and the non-metallised side can be used for printing.

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