New Eco-Friendly Material

Stable property Stable property

Various films available for selection Various films available for selection

Wide application Wide application

Supply diverse products with Eco-Friendly concept Supply diverse products with Eco-Friendly concept

Products from Guangdong Petrois

Product Advantages

Stable product property

No obvious discrepancy on properties while compared with other common films

Various films available for selection

Biodegradable PLA, PP films, PCR Films, special paper, and etc

Wide range of applications

Eco-friendly label,adhesive tape,release material,and etc

Customized for different specific demands

Supply diverse products with Eco-Friendly concept

Product features




Release tracing paper

PETROline 9100EF

Printable transparent PLA protective film


Degradable OPP release film

PETROline 25022-EF

Degradable one side matt OPP film with anti-scratch

PETROfoi1 55021-EF

Black PCR PET label with anti-flaming

PETROfilm FR55051-RGE

Black PCR PET label with anti-flaming and noise reduction

PETRfilm FR53651P

Remark:The above films can be customized for clients according to their specific application demand.




Test items




PCR PET Thickness

36±1.5 μm  


27±2 μm GB/T 7125-2014

Total thickness

82±5 μm GB 1 7125-2014

Peeling strength of mirror steel

≥1.2 kg/25mm GBT 2792-2014(Samples from MD)

Annular initial adhesion strength

≥0.8 kg/(25mm)2 ASTM D6195-03 (2011)


≥72 Hkg/(24mm)2 GBT 4851

 Flame Class

VIM-0 / UL94

*Remark:The information on Weifu products and their applications provided in this data sheet is based on testing of representative material. The information does not constitute a warranty or guarantee, either expressly or implied, of any specific product attribute or the suitability of products for specific applications. For particular technical requirements or specifications, please contact Weifu.


Biodegradable films can be made into protective films for product protection or can replace common film as adhesive tape and label products; special paper labels are widely used for labels of plastic toys, toy books,nameplates for electronic and electrical products , cardboard boxes, and etc.

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