Product Protection

Stable adhesive property Stable adhesive property

Suitable for different protection conditions Suitable for different protection conditions

Available with protective film of PET,PP,PE and other materials Available with protective film of PET,PP,PE and other materials

Supply customized solutions Supply customized solutions

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Product Advantages

Stable adhesive property

Suitable for different protection conditions

Based on different product protection

Supply protective film of PET,PP,PE and of other material

Based on different adhesive properties

Provide the best customized solution

Based on different applications

Supply protective film with anti-static, anti-scratch and other properties

Product features




Three-layer silicone screen protector film


Transparent Silicone protective film


Anti-static PU adhesive protective film


Ultra high temperature resistance acrylic protective film


Anti-static silicone battery process protective film


Transparent CPP protective film


Remark:The above films can be customized for clients according to their specific application demands.


Property test items

Thickness of protective layer

60±2 μm GB/T7125-2014

Peeling strength

≤3 g/25mm GBT2792-2014(sampling from MD)

Scratch resistant coating thickness

2±1 μm GB/T7125-2014

Gloss graded PET thickness

100±2 μm GB/T7125-2014

Silicone layer thickness

28±3 μm GB/T7125-2014

Total thickness of used layers

130±5 μm GB/T7125-2014

Peeling strength

3-6 g/25mm GBT2792-2014(sampling from MD)

Release layer thickness

50±2 μm GB/T7125-2014

Tearing strength

≤15 g/25mm GB,T2792-2014(sampling from MD)

 Transmittance of the used layer

≥92 % ASTM D1003

Moldy rate of the used layer

≤1.2 %

High temperature and high humidity

No retained adhesive and no bubble

% /

Anti-scratch coating and wear resistance

1000 times without obvious scratches on the surface

/ /

Water drops angle of the anti-scratch coating

≥105 º GB/T 30693-2014

Anti-static value

105-11 Ω /

Applicable temperature

-5~120 /

*The information on Weifu products and their applications provided in this datasheet is based on testing of representative material and the results are believed to be reliable as at the date of publication advised below. The information does not constitute a warranty or guarantee, either expressly or implied, of any specific product attribute or the suitability of products for specific applications. For particular technical requirements or specifications, please contact Weifu.


With stable adhesive property,protective films of polyurethane (PU) adhesive series, acrylic adhesive series, and silicone adhesive series are suitable for different protection conditions.We can provide protective films of PET, PP, PE, PI, PVC, TPU and other materials for different product protection. Base on specific application demands,We supply customized solutions and provide protective films with anti-static, scratch resistant, AG and AF functions.

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