Suitable For Battery Application

Stable adhesive effect Stable adhesive effect

Excellent processing receptivity Excellent processing receptivity

With good high and low temperature resistance With good high and low temperature resistance

Supply diverse adhesive product with different properties Supply diverse adhesive product with different properties

Products from Guangdong Petrois

Product Advantages

Stable adhesive effect

Suitable for different conditions

With good high and low temperature resistance

Excellent processing receptivity

Base on specific application demands

Suitable for small scale die cutting,with no adhesive migration and warping

Independent intellectual property product patents

Guarantee product adhesive temperature

Product features




Black flame retardant and denoise PET film

PETROfilm FR535051-NR

Matt black flame retardant PI tape

PETROfilm FR71251

Transparent flame retardant PET film

PETRfilm FR52511

High temperature resistant succinic acid PI tape

PETRfilm FR72570

Anti-static silicone battery process protective film


Battery outer packaging tape

PETROtape 550G

Remark:The above films can be customized for clients according to their specific application demand.



Test items




Based material thickness

25±2 μm GB T 7125-2014

Adhesive thickness

22±2 μm GBT 7125-2014

Coating surface thickness

22±2 μm GB T 7125-2014

Total thickness

50±5 μm GB T 7125-2014

180° Peeling strength

≥12 N/25mm GBT2792-2014(sampling from MD)


72↑ H/kg×(24mm)² GB T4851

Property test items

 Flame Class

VIM-0 / UL 94-2013 Rev.3-2015 (sampling from MD)

Appearance color

哑黑 / /

*The information on Weifu products and their applications provided in this datasheet is based on testing of representative material and the results are believed to be reliable as at the date of publication advised below. The information does not constitute a warranty or guarantee, either expressly or implied, of any specific product attribute or the suitability of products for specific applications. For particular technical requirements or specifications, please contact Weifu.


Suitable for battery outer packaging label:Available with flame retardant and denoise flame retardant products,and the flame retardant grade can reach UL 94 VTM-0 level;It can be used for irregular die cutting without warping; and adapt to various printing methods with high ink bonding strength ;Adhesive surface mesh design, suitable for fast labeling without adhesive migration and warping; Used for battery protection,providing silicone or acrylic protective films,suitable for appearance protection during the processing of potassium battery cells soft packaging, and can also be used for battery fixation;Brown and black PI tape, can be used for winding up and starting adhesive fixation. Sticking to the position of the cell ear to protect the cell ear and prevent short circuits; Transparent flame retardant and easy peeling products are suitable for fixing and repairing 3C batteries; And for power batteries, products like battery outer packaging tape, termination tape, wrapping film, and separate film are available.

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