【Guangdong Weifu】Carry out the training of "Management Skills Improvement of Team Leaders"


On the afternoon of June 16th, 2018, HR director Mr. Zhang Jianfeng organized a special training course entitled "Skills Improvement of Team Leaders", which was attended by all basic level management staff of Production Departments.



This training includes three aspects: 1. Role cognition; 2. Management responsibilities; 3. Team construction. In this training, Mr. Zhang Jianfeng analyzed and elaborated the management mentality, management ability and communication ability of basic level management staff in a simple way in combination with the actual situation, required all managers to recognize the role positioning and better improve themselves, clear job responsibilities and continuously enhance management skills; Master communication skills and build an excellent team.



In the training, Mr. Zhang emphasized the increasingly severe employment situation. All basic level management staff should break through the inherent management ideas and management, recognize the new situation and the characteristics of labourers' job selection, require all team leaders to strengthen their care and help for new staff in work and life, adopt scientific and effective management to resolve staff conflicts, stabilize the staff team, improve team morale, and give full play to the role of a link between superior and staff.


This training fully reflects the characteristics of "refined", "practical" and "comprehensive". The training content keeps improving, the content teaching is combined with practice, and the knowledge points are fully covered. Through training, it is conducive to triggering basic level management staff to think deeply and introspect, find their own shortcomings, and improve their comprehensive quality with a targeted view, so as to build a strong leadership team.