Driving Factors and Emerging Trends in the High Barrier Films Market for Food Packaging

The growth of the high barrier films market for food packaging is propelled by several factors, including the preference for case-ready packaging, the demand for longer shelf-life and freshly-made taste, and the surge in the meat industry. Additionally, the increasing demand for biodegradable and recyclable high barrier packaging films presents lucrative opportunities for manufacturers. 

The rising consumption of processed, canned, and frozen foods, driven by busy lifestyles and the need for convenience, fuels the demand for high barrier films. These films enhance product life, reduce the need for preservatives, and provide aesthetic appeal as a printing substrate. Consumers' growing environmental awareness drives their desire for sustainably sourced and packaged products. Shelf life longevity is now a key consideration for consumers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the need for products with extended shelf lives. Truebell, a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company based in the UAE, has experienced a threefold increase in the demand for long-lasting products. The company has observed a rise in the popularity of food items and baking ingredients with longer shelf lives, an uptick in home-cooked meal consumption, a preference for local shopping among residents, and a growing interest in online food tutorials. In March 2020, Truebell noted a 300% spike in the demand for extended shelf-life goods. Consumers who are mindful of sustainable consumption are embracing the chance to purchase foods that stay fresh longer, while retailers are in a prime position to offer more sustainable solutions.

Unparalleled Barrier Properties of new recyclable material

When it comes to protecting your products from external factors, BOPE High Barrier Film from WEIFU Films stands head and shoulders above the rest. Its exceptional barrier properties of the very new material BOPE create an impermeable shield, ensuring that your goods remain in pristine condition.

Robust Lamination Capabilities

What sets our BOPE High Barrier Film apart is its remarkable laminated bonding strength. This feature guarantees that your packaging maintains its integrity, even in the face of demanding conditions.

Customization for Unique Demands

We understand that packaging needs vary from one industry to another and from one client to the next. That's why WEIFU Films offers customization options for our BOPE High Barrier Film.

Commitment to Food Safety

Food safety is paramount in the packaging industry. Our BOPE High Barrier Film is fully compliant with international food contact standards, meeting all necessary regulations for packaging food products.