BOPE High-Temperature Resistant Plain Film by WEIFU BOPE: The Ultimate Solution for High-Temperature Applications

WEIFU Films strives to offer cutting-edge and environmentally conscious flexible packaging solutions. Our BOPE High-Temperature Resistant Plain Film (TEN) is a sustainable material that combines stiffness, minimal shrinkage, reliable temperature resistance, and impressive transparency. It has diverse uses, including stand-up laundry detergent packaging, seafood bags, and zipper bags. As a heat resistant film, our BOPE film delivers top-notch performance, supports recyclability, and minimizes ecological footprint. Its flexibility in lamination and printing has made it a preferred option for brands seeking efficiency and sustainability.

Low Shrinkage Rate and Excellent Temperature Resistance

Because of the low shrinkage rate of our BOPE heat-resistant film, your packaging will stay stable and maintain its shape. The film keeps its integrity even in extreme temperatures, preventing wrinkling, deformation, or blade binding when making bags. This dependability ensures that your goods are packaged effectively and safely, removing any possibility of problems during manufacturing and delivery.

Outstanding Stiffness and Precise Overprinting

Our BOPE film's exceptional stiffness helps ensure precise overprinting, enabling precise and eye-catching packaging designs. The film's low shrinkage rate guarantees that the printed graphics align precisely, adding to the overall visual appeal of your products. This stiffness also strengthens the packaging's structural integrity and offers superior product protection.

Improved Resistance to Punctures

Compared to conventional BOPA films, our BOPE film has superior puncture resistance. Its resilience to handling and shipping rigors ensures that your packaging shields your goods from damage and maintains their quality. Our film offers dependable protection, ensuring your customers have peace of mind, whether using seafood bags or stand-up laundry detergent.

Versatile and Eco-Friendly Solution

You are helping to create a more sustainable future by using our BOPE film. It facilitates a mono-material design that increases recyclability by substituting conventional PET or BOPA structures. Our film is an excellent option for brands looking for environmentally friendly packaging options without sacrificing functionality. Its interoperability with different high-speed packaging and printing devices guarantees smooth integration into your production processes, increasing productivity and cutting waste.


With its remarkable stiffness, low shrinkage rate, good temperature resistance, and exceptional transparency, WEIFU BOPE High-Temperature Resistant Plain Film (TEN) is revolutionizing the packaging industry. Your packaging becomes more sustainable and efficient when you use our environmentally friendly film. Our BOPE film offers outstanding puncture resistance, compatibility with high-speed printing and packaging machines, and a solid commitment to a greener future—all of which are useful in applications such as stand-up laundry detergent, zipper bags, and seafood bags. Our team will deliver innovative solutions that align with your brand's values and drive success.