WEIFU CPP Mushroom Film: A Breathable Anti-fog Film

WEIFU Films knows how critical it is to maintain the quality and freshness of highly perishable goods. Our CPP breathable anti-fog film provides breathability, flexibility, sealing strength, and cold anti-fog qualities. Our CPP breathable film is frequently used for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, chilled foods, mushrooms, and other items requiring rigorous preservation. Our bespoke services enable us to customize the film to your unique application requirements, guaranteeing maximum product quality and longer shelf life.

Excellent flexibility and resistance to punctures

With its exceptional flexibility, our CPP breathable anti-fog film offers dependable protection for your packaged goods. Your delicate items, like mushrooms, will stay intact during handling and transportation thanks to the film's enhanced flexibility, improving its anti-rupture and puncture resistance qualities. This toughness ensures that your goods get to customers in perfect shape, which boosts client happiness and brand recognition.

High Heat Sealing Strength on Both Sides

Packaging requires high sealing strength, and our CPP mushroom packaging excels in this area. Our film guarantees a consistently excellent and dependable sealing result because of its high heat sealing strength on both sides. This feature ensures a safe and secure packaging solution by preventing contamination and leaks while maintaining the freshness and quality of your products.

Excellent Cold Anti-Fog Effect

It's crucial to keep products visible, particularly when they're refrigerated. Even in cold storage conditions, our CPP Mushroom Film ensures high transparency with its exceptional cold anti-fog effect. Customers will find your packaged products more appealing and have a better shopping experience thanks to this feature, making them easily visible. Because of the film's anti-fog qualities, condensation is removed, preserving the quality and appearance of the product.

Superior Breathable Property

The superior breathability of our CPP breathable anti-fog film enables the best possible preservation of highly perishable goods. The mushroom film has a high oxygen transmission rate (OTR), allowing longer periods of refrigerated storage. Our film extends the shelf life of your products and minimizes waste by controlling the oxygen levels within the packaging.


In today's competitive market, businesses must find ways to enhance the freshness and quality of their products. WEIFU CPP Mushroom Film offers a solution that keeps food fresh, reduces waste, and improves sustainability. Our film ensures extended shelf life, optimal freshness, and enhanced visual appeal with its flexibility, high heat sealing strength on both sides, excellent cold anti-fog effect, and superior breathability. You can gain a competitive edge by choosing WEIFU CPP Mushroom Film while contributing to a greener future.