WEIFU BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES) Improves Product Appeal and Durability

WEIFU Films takes excellent satisfaction in offering creative, superior packaging solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated by our BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES), which provides remarkable optical qualities, improved durability, and various printing options. Our high barrier film is the best option if you need labels for food or cosmetic containers because it offers exceptional flexibility, printability, tear resistance, and transparency.

Superior Optical Qualities

Exceptional transparency and product display effect are just two of the excellent optical properties of our BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES). Your product labels' exceptional clarity will draw customers in, making reading the contents easier and boosting the overall aesthetic appeal. Regardless of the product—lotions, dressings, cleansers, skincare, or seasonings—our film guarantees that your labels leave a lasting effect.

A better ability to print

Because of its exceptional printability, we can print on our BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES) using various techniques, including flexo, silk screen, and letterpress. With a high adhesion bonding strength made possible by the film's surface, your labels will continue to look crisp and colorful while selling your product and brand.

Durability, Elasticity, and Robust Mechanical Characteristics

Our film is an excellent option for label applications because it has strong mechanical properties, is soft, and resists tearing. Its easy-to-tear quality makes it convenient to remove your labels when needed. Furthermore, the remarkable rip resistance of the film guarantees that your labels stay intact throughout handling and shipping. Your labels' flexibility and puncture resistance ensure longevity and durability, even in low-temperature environments.

Increased Durability and Resistance to Rubbing and Folding

We have created a unique formulation to improve the toughness, rubbing, and folding resistance of our BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES). This guarantees that your labels will keep their immaculate appearance even under harsh circumstances, like repeated handling or friction exposure. The film's bidirectional ease of tearing improves its usability by providing flexibility and convenience when applying labels.


WEIFU BOPE Transparent Label Film (TES) is the best choice for container labels in the food and cosmetics packaging sectors. Our film ensures your labels stand out visually and withstand regular use thanks to its superior optical qualities, enhanced printability, tear resistance, and flexibility. We will be glad that you can count on the WEIFU Films team to deliver premium packaging solutions that improve the appeal of your product and build brand recognition.