Use WEIFU BOPP GRS Plain Film to Improve Packaging Sustainability and Performance

At WEIFU Films, we're dedicated to offering creative, eco-friendly packaging options that satisfy our partners' changing demands. Our BOPP GRS Plain Film demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and performance. Our film offers excellent lamination versatility due to its high transparency and gloss, good antistatic and slip properties, and compatibility with various printing systems. Additionally, it complies entirely with international food contact standards, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of your packaged goods.

High Transparency and Gloss

Your packaged goods will be able to show through with clarity and brilliance thanks to the outstanding transparency and gloss of our BOPP GRS Plain Film. Because of the film's high transparency, your printed designs will be vividly displayed, improving the packaging's aesthetic appeal. Your products' glossy finish will draw customers in and make an impression that they won't soon forget on the shelves.

Good Antistatic and Slip Properties

As one of the BOPP manufactures, we recognize the value of functionality and practicality in packaging. Good antistatic and slip qualities of our BOPP GRS Plain Film reduce static build-up and promote efficient and easy packaging procedures. These characteristics make operations more straightforward and guarantee that your products are precisely packaged and handled.

Compatibility with Various Printing Systems

Our film is made to work with most print and ink systems, allowing you to select the printing technique that best meets your requirements. Our BOPP GRS Plain Film guarantees outstanding ink adhesion and brilliant color reproduction, regardless of the method you choose—flexographic, gravure, or other. With the help of this compatibility, you can successfully market your business and captivate customers by bringing your imaginative designs to life.

Sustainability and Food Contact Compliance

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are essential to us. 30% of the core of our BOPP GRS Plain Film is made of PCR, which is one of the eco friendly packaging materials, helping reduce the use of virgin plastic. The film can also have either one or both sides treated with corona, which guarantees exceptional high dyne retention. It also complies entirely with international food contact standards, ensuring that your packaged food products are suitable and safe.  


The best option for high-performance and environmentally friendly laminations in various packaging uses is WEIFU BOPP GRS Plain Film. Our film offers versatility and visual appeal due to its high transparency, gloss, antistatic and slip properties, and compatibility with various printing systems. Its food contact standards compliance and sustainability features further make it an ethical option for food product packaging. You can rely on our staff at WEIFU Films to provide you with creative, environmentally responsible packaging solutions that will boost your company's visibility and help create a more sustainable future.