Choose WEIFU Films' CPP Colored Film to Elevate Your Packaging Aesthetics

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your product packaging? Do you want to give your products a stunning visual edge that will captivate customers at first glance? Look no further than WEIFU Films' CPP Colored Film. With its food contact compliance, high smoothness, good flatness, low-temperature heat sealing, and vibrant colors, our film offers excellent packaging solutions for printed and laminated packaging needs. 

Low-Temperature Heat Sealing for Efficiency

Our CPP Colored Film boasts low-temperature heat sealing capabilities, allowing for efficient and reliable sealing at just 125°C. This feature ensures your packaging process is streamlined and time-efficient without compromising seal strength. Whether you're packaging food or daily necessities, our film's low-temperature heat-sealing capability guarantees optimal packaging efficiency.

Good Flatness and High Smoothness for Quality Appearance

Our CPP Colored Film delivers good flatness and high smoothness since we recognize how vital aesthetically pleasing packaging is. This ensures that your laminated materials or printed graphics seem clean and sharp, improving the packaging's overall visual impact. You may rely on our movie to have a polished, businesslike appearance and to make an impact on viewers.

Color Uniformity for Consistent Branding

The color consistency of our CPP Colored Film is excellent, guaranteeing bright, consistent colors across your packaging. This feature is essential for upholding brand consistency and giving customers a visually coherent message. Regardless of the colors you require—white, blue, anti-aging milky white, or another—our film ensures color consistency so your package gets noticed on the shelves.

Food Contact Compliance for Safet

Our top priority is customer and product safety, which is why our CPP Colored Film complies with global guidelines for food contact. Our films comply with all the requirements for food and other consumable packaging, meaning they won't harm consumers. Thanks to our film's compliance, you can confidently package your products, putting safety and aesthetics first.  


Using our CPP colored film from WEIFU Films is a surefire way to elevate the aesthetics of your packaging. With its high clarity and vibrant colors, you can attract more attention to your products and stand out in a crowded market. This affordable yet functional option improves the overall appearance of your packaging and offers excellent protection for your goods. So, don't hesitate to experience our team's commitment to delivering superior packaging solutions that prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction.