Embrace Sustainability with WEIFU Films' New Eco-Friendly Material

By introducing new eco friendly packaging products, WEIFU Films is committed to providing sustainable solutions. Our wide selection of films enables you to adopt eco-friendly methods without sacrificing functionality. These films include printable transparent PLA protection film, biodegradable OPP release film, release tracing paper, and more. Our environmentally friendly materials are perfect for many uses, from product protection to labeling and more, owing to their consistent product qualities, customizable solutions, and extensive film choices.

Stable Product Properties

Compared to conventional films, our innovative eco-friendly material ensures no discernible differences while maintaining stable qualities. Because of its stability ensures reliable performance, so integration with your current production processes may be quickly done. Our environmentally friendly products are dependable and help you lessen your environmental impact.

Various Films Available for Selection

We provide a large assortment of films to meet your requirements. Our assortment provides PCR films, biodegradable PLA, PP films, special paper, and more. With so many options, you may select the best film for labels, sticky tapes, or protective films, depending on your intended use. With our vast range of solutions, you may discover the ideal environmentally friendly solution that supports your sustainability objectives.

Wide Range of Applications

Our environmentally friendly materials are adaptable and versatile, with various uses across several industries. Our films can be used in various industries, from releasing materials to eco-friendly labels and sticky tapes. They are widely used in labeling plastic toys, toy books, nameplates for electronic and electrical products, cardboard boxes, and more. Our materials increase the entire value of your products by offering sustainability and functionality.

Customized Solutions for Specific Demands

We are aware that every project has different needs. For this reason, WEIFU Films offers unique solutions with an environmentally conscious theme. We collaborate closely with you to comprehend your unique requirements and create items specifically designed to fulfill them. With our knowledge and dedication to sustainability, we work hard to provide the most environmentally friendly materials for your needs.


WEIFU Films' new eco-friendly material offers a wide selection of films, including release tracing paper, printable transparent PLA protective film, degradable OPP release film, and more. Our materials provide various applications, varied film options, and stable product qualities that enable you to embrace sustainability without sacrificing performance. Whether you require labels, adhesive tapes, or protective films, our environmentally friendly products may be tailored to your unique needs. WEIFU Films guarantees high-quality, eco-friendly products that contribute to a better future.