Preserving Freshness and Quality: How WEIFU Films' CPP Metallised Film Offers Excellent Barrier Properties

WEIFU Films is devoted to providing outstanding solutions that guarantee product integrity and safety regarding food contact packaging. With exceptional quality and performance, our CPP Metallized Film is specially made to satisfy the demanding needs of food contact applications. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our CPP Metallized Film, which includes Low initial heat sealing temperature metallised film with high bonding strength, Semi-metallised CPP film and Degradable CPP film metallised film.

Low Initial Heat Sealing Temperature for Efficient Packaging

WEIFU Films is aware of how essential it is to streamline packaging procedures in order to increase productivity. Our CPP Metallized Film can be sealed more quickly and effectively because of its low initial heat sealing temperature. Our film guarantees consistent bonding strength while consuming the least energy, with a heat sealing temperature as low as 120°C. The film's low initial heat sealing temperature can simplify your packing processes and increase efficiency.

Softness for Inflatable Packaging

Due to its exceptional softness, our CPP Metallized Film is perfect for uses involving inflatable packaging. Our film's smooth, flexible texture makes it simple to inflate and guarantees that the items inside are well-protected. WEIFU CPP Metallized films provide the required protection and cushioning to keep your products fresh and high-quality throughout storage and transit.

Excellent Barrier Properties for Product Preservation

It is critical to maintain the freshness and quality of packaged goods. Our CPP Metallized Film's superior barrier properties protect against oxygen, moisture, and other factors that could degrade the end product's quality. Furthermore, our film has a low odour, so the taste and aroma of the food items within are not affected by the packaging. 

Compliance with International Food Contact Standards

Food safety is our top priority, and our CPP Metallized Film complies entirely with global guidelines for food contact. To guarantee that our film satisfies the highest safety requirements for packaging food and everyday essentials, we abide by strict rules. Because of our film's compliance, you may pack your belongings with confidence knowing they will be transported and stored safely and hygienically.


WEIFU Films' CPP Metallised Film offers a range of benefits, from low heat sealing temperature to excellent barrier properties, making it the perfect choice for automatic packaging machines in the food and daily necessities industry. Its compliance with international food contact standards ensures both manufacturer's and consumers' safety and peace of mind. With WEIFU Films' CPP Metallised Film, you can enhance the efficiency and appeal of your products while maintaining high-quality packaging standards.